ᴜпіqᴜe ideas for “your little garden”

Along with housing construction, garden models are also quite interested in today’s users. The design of a сomЬіпed garden house not only brings comfort when used, but also brings luck, prosperity and foгtᴜпe if сomЬіпed with feng shui elements.

The model of the garden house has more miniatures, small ponds and lakes

Small landscape or small pond is the preferred design of many homeowners when designing a garden, but not everyone is “suitable” for these elements. Many houses have a large area, with a large space in front of the house, you should build more rockeries, dіɡ a pond to raise fish right in front of the house, both cool and make the house scene more close to nature.

Beautiful small garden model in the villa space

For villas, there is usually a comfortable garden space, so the design of houses with more trees is recommended. A beautiful small garden house with plants helps to create a green space for the house and also helps members have more outdoor living space.

Beautiful small garden house model for houses in the city

Unlike villas, houses in the street are often quite паггow, so it is necessary to know how to arrange and arrange them properly to ensure space for garden design. With townhouses, architects will build houses located in the center of the land, with moderately high wall areas. The plants in the garden are mainly small trees and decorative flower pots.

Model of a beautiful small garden house

Beautiful and cozy little garden house model

Beautiful small garden model with climbing plants and small potted plants