A Puzzling Phenomenon: The World’s Bewilderment as a Piglet Emerges with an ᴜпexрeсted ‘Elephant Trunk

Since noon on August 30, the information that the sow gave birth to piglets with… “elephant trunks” has attracted not only Dam Thuy Bac village, Duc Minh commune, Mo Duc district, but also many curious people in the surrounding area. also invited each other to come and see.



The owner of this strange pig is Mr. Duc (54 years old), from Dam Thuy Bac village.

It is known that at noon on August 30, after the mother pig went into labor and gave birth, one of the six piglets had an unusual shape.



Through observation, although this piglet’s body resembles a normal pig, its nose is elongated like an “elephant trunk”. Just a few minutes after being born, this piglet died.



Currently, a neighbor of Mr. Duc brought this strangely shaped pig home to soak as a souvenir.


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