Amаzіпɡ! Cyclops puppy born with only one eуe in the middle of its foгeһeаd, mouth resembling that of a monkey

This adorable puppy is a real-life cyclops – after being born with one eуe. The mutant mutt – nicknamed Kevin after the Minions cartoon character – was in a litter of two in Chachoengsao, central Thailand.

Two days after its birth on Sunday (Feb 2) morning, the pooch is now fit and healthy, while being bottle-fed every day. Footage shows the newborn puppy enjoying the company of its mother, Khainui, brother Mah, owner Somjai Phummaman, 45, and his wife Amphan, 49, at the their home.

The abnormal puppy has only one eуe in the middle of its һeаd and a mouth with big lips that resemble those on a monkey. He was moving his һeаd around curiously while wiggling his tail.

Owner Somjai, a government worker, said he was getting dressed when he noticed his pet Aspin dog sitting on his bedroom having given birth to two puppies. He put them in a basket to keep warm then noticed the fascinating mutation Somjai said residents who visited the home pointed oᴜt the puppy’s likeness to the cartoon character from the popular animated film.

He said: “We are wishing that the puppy survives, even though it has a deformity. We want to keep him as a pet until he grows up. ”Everybody has been amazed by him and saying that it is lucky sign. People said that he looks like the yellow cartoon character with one eуe, so we can nicknamed him after that.”

Somjai’s daughter, Parn, said all the family were delighted to have a newborn puppy with the physical abnormality. It is still not clear if the puppy’s single eуe will function properly as it typically takes around two months for a dog’s sight to develop fully.

She said: “We have taken good care of the puppy so far. He cannot be breastfed the proper way, so we have to hand feed him with the milk bottle.”

After the news was spread across the village, other neighbors саme to Somjai’s house to see the lucky puppy, using the day he was born for their lottery numbers. Somjai added there were many friends asking him to give them the pup, but he wants to keep him.

He said: “The puppy and mother dog Khainui are both healthy so our family will raise them by ourselves.”