Amidst the Magnificence of Mount Kilimanjaro: Elephant Bull Captivates Attention with ѕᴜѕрeсted Spear Wound on April 11th

In April, the Tsavo Conservation area witnessed three crucial elephant treatments facilitated by the David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust (DSWT)’s helicopter and Super Cub aircraft.






Efficiency was paramount, prompting the team’s aerial transport via the Trust’s aircraft to the identified area where the injured bull was sighted. With precision and care, the dart gun was readied, and the team cautiously trailed the bull in a vehicle, mindful not to startle him. Upon reaching a suitable spot adjacent to a grassy area, the bull was darted in the rump, and within 12 minutes, he was safely immobilized.



The bull, being of considerable size, descended heavily to his haunches upon sedation, requiring gentle assistance from the team to settle on his side, thereby exposing the injured foot for treatment. Dr. Poghon, accompanied by the veterinary team, commenced immediate action. Despite initial appearances suggesting a superficial wound, closer examination revealed a spear injury piercing through the sole of the foot, with signs of infection already manifesting.



Prompt intervention was imperative to prevent the infection from spreading, potentially jeopardizing the bull’s health and well-being. Through meticulous cleansing of the wound, removal of debris and necrotic tissue, the veterinary team ensured optimal treatment. While offering a positive prognosis, Dr. Poghon advised a follow-up session after one month to monitor progress closely.



Upon reversal of the anesthesia, the majestic bull gradually regained consciousness and rose to his feet, albeit somewhat bewildered by the unfolding events. KWS committed to monitoring his recovery in the ensuing weeks, prepared to administer further treatment if deemed necessary, ensuring his continued welfare and survival within the vast expanses of the Tsavo Conservation area.

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