An аwkwагd eпсoᴜпteг: Elephant’s Amorous Adventure Takes a Surprising Turn in South African Safari Mishap

A star-crossed elephant in a South African game reserve recently turned heads when his attempt at romance ended in a ridiculous debacle.

A badly-timed digestive upset disrupted his love-making attempt, causing him to stumble awkwardly backward, effectively killing the mood.

Seemingly taken aback by the interruption, the elephant scrambled back as if hoping his companion hadn’t noticed. Overcome by embarrassment, he turned his back, evidently unable to face his partner.

Hoping to make amends, he extended his trunk, but it was too late. The female elephant, clearly frustrated by the failed romantic attempt, stormed away, leaving the humiliated male behind her.



Awkward: Moments before getting it on, the male elephant feels something else stirring down below.

Quintin van der Merwe, 30, a full-time field guide with a local elephant tour and safari company based in Hazyview, caught this comical incident on camera.

He led a group of guests on tour at Sabi Sands Private Game Reserve when he witnessed the romantic misadventure.

“We were surrounded by a breeding herd of elephants, around 20 meters away,” van der Merwe recalls. “I was filming the playful antics of the herd when I noticed one elephant attempting to mount another.”



And he’s gone: The elephant slips over in his own mess, hitting the ground with some considerable impact.

Van der Merwe quickly focused on the action, but what happened next surprised him. “The elephant lost his footing mid-attempt and tumbled to the ground,” he explains. “It was quite a sight, especially when he managed to get back up, looking mortified.”

He describes the event as amusing and fun. This captivating spectacle unfolded during a 20-minute observation of an exceptionally playful family of elephants.


And we’re all left hoping this love-struck elephant will have better luck in his next romantic endeavor.



The hilarious moment was captured on camera by Quintin van der Merwe, 30, from Hazyview, South Africa.




‘it was a complete surprise and not something I have ever seen before,’ said photographer Quintin.

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