IпсгedіЬɩe Triumph: Dog Trapped under Rubble for 90 Hours After Türkiye Earthquake Miraculously Rescued by Determined Efforts

A dog has been saved after 90 hours trapped in the rubble of a building destroyed in the Turkey earthquake.

Angel was pulled from the debris in Hatay, Turkey, by rescuers who had to dig around the trapped pooch.

Footage of the rescue shows the white dog’s head poking out from the rubble as rescuers try to get it free.



Rescuers struggle to pull the dog from the rubble

One rescue worker tries to give the miracle dog, called Pamuk, water by pouring it into his glove so the dog can lap it up.

As the group moves the wreckage and the dog’s front legs are freed the animal can be heard letting out a small yelp.

Rescuers scrape rock and dust away with their hands, bending metal rebar away from the petrified dog.



The dog yelped as he was rescued

The dog whines as the rescue continued, with some of those helping trying to calm the dog down by stroking it.

Once the pooch is freed, a high-vis clad man tenderly picks it up and carries it to safety.

One animal lover commented on the video, saying: “Poor little baby, glad he was found.”

Another wrote: “Heartbreaking to watch this. Hope he was ok with no broken bones.”

Others were thankful to the men working to save the dog amid all the carnage.

One user added: “Thank you to all the rescue teams that are helping all these poor people and their pets. My heart is with you.”

More than 21,000 people have died in the tragic earthquake on Monday morning.



The 7.8-magnitude tremor was followed by hundreds of aftershocks.

Hatay was devastated by the earthquake

Hopes of finding many more survivors are diminishing, amid freezing-cold weather four days after the disaster.



Search and rescue efforts continue in both Turkey and neighbouring Syria, which was struck by the quakes as well.

A mother and her 10-day-old baby were rescued after spending 90 hours under the earthquake rubble in Turkey.

Yagiz Ulas was pulled from the ruins of a flattened building in Samandag in Hatay Province.


Pamuk is recovering following the rescue

Images show the infant being carried from the rubble towards a waiting ambulance during the night, a scene Turkish media called “miraculous”.

The newborn’s mother was carried away from the building debris on a stretcher.

Istanbul mayor, Ekrem Imamoglu, 52, said the pair spent almost four days under the rubble.

There have been no further updates on their current health condition.

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