Intriguing Anomalies in Nature: Exploring the ᴜпᴜѕᴜаɩ Presence of Curved Fangs and һoгпѕ on the Heads of ріɡѕ


The reason they are considered strange is because this pig has fangs and two “horns” growing on the bridge of its nose.



In Indonesia, there is the strangest pig in the world. The reason they are considered strange is because this pig has fangs and two “horns” growing on the bridge of its nose. They are also known as deer pigs, with the scientific name Babyrousa babyrussa



Deer pigs are native to Celebes and surrounding islands of Indonesia. It is the only member of the genus Babyrousa. The deer’s habitat is in the thickets of tropical forests and reeds as well as on the banks of rivers and lakes. They have little or no hair, and their skin is mottled in brown and gray, which facilitates their camouflage.



Hogs are known for their two pairs of canine teeth: both the upper and lower canine pairs are quite large, curved backwards and then curled back forward. The boar’s upper fangs are so curved and large that they stand out clearly through the flesh, protruding outward through holes to pass the top of the snout. The two fangs on the bridge of the nose are also considered tusks.



Pigs and deer are quite large. Adults weigh up to 250kg, even 300kg. The interesting thing is that this pig has up to 3 stomachs. Therefore, they are also known as ruminants. Female pigs have two sets of shorter fangs. After a gestation period of about 125 to 150 days, the female usually gives birth to 2 cubs.



Pigs and deer are quite omnivorous. They like leaves, roots, fruits and even animals. The strong jaws of deer pigs can easily break hard seeds. Male deer pigs like to live alone, however, female deer pigs like to be in groups. In the wild, a herd of female pigs can have up to nearly 100 pigs.



Deer pigs are currently on the list of endangered species due to habitat loss and fierce hunting by humans. They are currently protected quite strictly by Indonesians. Hunting and killing pigs and deer is illegal.

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