Saving ɡгасe: The Heartwarming гeѕсᴜe Mission of a Jawless Alligator Found аЬапdoпed in a Florida Wildlife Sanctuary

Rescued alligator missing top half of jaw finds new home in Gatorland, Florida

The alligator that was rescued last week after it was reported wandering around Central Florida missing the top half of its jaw is now in the care of an Orlando alligator park, according to a news release.


The animal was brought Saturday to Gatorland , an alligator park in Orlando, where a veterinarian is “doing a complete examination of the alligator, and the team is dedicated to his complete care at the park,” the park said Monday in a statement CNN.



The trapper who brought the alligator to Gatorland believed the animal “was possibly injured by a boat propeller and survived,” the statement added.

Gatorland did not provide new details about the alligator on Monday, but in a Facebook post on Saturday said park staff “will be monitoring her closely over the next few days and focusing on getting her to eat in a stress-free environment.” so you can enjoy your new forever home here at Alligator Paradise.”


Gator “basically had no chance of surviving”

Savannah Boan, alligator enrichment coordinator at Gatorland, said in a Facebook video posted Saturday that the injury appeared old and that the animal would be quarantined.



The alligator “basically had no chance of surviving in the wild with such a serious injury,” the park added.

The alligator was rescued Thursday night in Florida after it was seen with its upper jaw severed at Wilson’s Landing Park in Sanford in late August, and photos of it circulated on social media.

On Facebook, Gatorland is also asking for help naming the alligator.



His snout was severed right before his eyes, likely by a boat propeller, according to Gatorland Park. The park has begun accepting suggestions for the rescued alligator’s name, ranging from “Gummy” to “Jaw,” “Bottom Feeder” and “Gator McGatorface.” Someone even suggested the name “Topless.”

“Topless, that’s a little risqué for a family park,” Boan said.

During an interview with CNN, Boan received an interesting update about the alligator.

“Breaking news,” he said. “The new alligator held a meatball on his tongue for 5 to 10 minutes and then spit it out.”

Another alligator, named Trapjaw, has a similar, although less serious, injury. The park has been able to train him to eat meatballs without chewing them.



“It’s like you kick them like a man in a bar drinking a beer,” Boan described it.

The park hopes its new resident will do the same.



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