The abaпdoпed dog had to waпder eʋery corпer of the city to fiпd food. The dog was υпcoпscioυs after days of eпdless waпderiпg aпd sadпess. ‎

On a day in Texas, an abandoned little puppy sought refuge under Abigail’s car, crying out for help.

Her fragile and emaciated appearance resembled that of a skeletal figure, depicting the extent of her dire weakness.

The compassionate rescuers extended a helping hand by providing her with some food and water, while allowing her some space as she trembled with fear.

Eventually, she summoned the courage to emerge from her hiding place on her own.

Rescuing Ellie

the dog is lying and eating under the car
Source: The Dodo

When the puppy – later named Ellie – came out from under the car, Abigail (Ellie’s rescuer) quickly slipped a leash on her.

Ellie was utterly terrified. “She just kind of went into turtle mode,” Abigail told The Dodo.

But, at that moment, the most important thing was to get her to the vet as soon as possible. They thought she had parvo – a highly contagious and deadly virus if left untreated. 

the dog found at the veterinarian's examination
Source: The Dodo

Luckily, it wasn’t parvo.

“Our vet told us that she had been eating so much garbage, her stomach was really suffering. But in a few weeks she should be good as new,” Abigail said.

The poor baby survived on eating garbage for who knows how long, but thankfully, she came to the right person who was going to help her heal.

At the vet, Abigail learned that Ellie was only about six months old, so she was still just a baby.

Although you could never tell just by looking at her dry and scaly coat, Ellie was actually a Golden Retriever mix.

rescued dog from the street in a cage
Source: The Dodo

For the first couple of days at Abigail’s house, Ellie was still pretty much scared.

“She was completely unresponsive for the first couple of days. But she learned that we weren’t going to hurt her. It was really just a matter of trying to get her to come out of her shell,” Abigail said.

Growing Into A Beautiful Golden Girl

After a couple of days, she finally gained some energy to go outside.

“The tennis ball, she saw it and she was immediately just hooked. She wanted to play, she has that in her. From that point onwards, she was just so much better,” Abigail said.

It was so nice to see Ellie being playful and acting like a puppy should act.

a collage of pictures of the dog before and after it was rescued
Source: @goldiemuttellie

Slowly, she blossomed into such a spunky and funny little dog. Her skin and coat was also getting better and healthier each day. 

“We really made sure that she allowed herself to feel comfortable.” 

Ellie is now a completely different dog – almost unrecognizable. She grew up into a beautiful Golden girl with a luscious coat and lots of personality. 

She adores car rides, sticking her head and paws through the window, and going to the beach.

the dog stands on the beach and looks at the sea
Source: @goldiemuttellie

The first time they took her to the beach for a celebration of her recovery, she was the happiest little girl ever.

“She started digging and she got an insane case of the zoomies and she was running around the beach, staring out into the ocean. She loved it. It was such a monumental moment for her.” 

Ellie is a true fighter and she worked hard to get to the point where she is now. She made such an amazing recovery. 

Ellie has her own Instagram account if you want to follow her and see more of her life.
Make sure to follow Artemis Animal Rescue, Texas as well, and support their rescue program.

Human brutality is far more painful than any bark, growl, or bite. Dogs may act in this manner naturally when they detect a threat, but humans frequently harm these creatures on purpose simply because they can.

As if leaving a family dog wasn’t bad enough, some people go so far as to leave puppies in bags with no food, water, or even air.

Louie’s story is terrible since he was not only betrayed by his family, but he was also thrown down a bridge with tape covering his lips so no one could hear his cries for help.

Bob Hoelter of Griffith, Indiana, normally drives to the neighbourhood supermarket, but fortunately for Louie, he decided to walk instead that night.

When Hoelter gazed across a bridge and heard crying in the distance, a leisurely workout evolved into a rescue operation. Hoelter could have ignored it, but something was wrong in his heart.

As he told The Dodo, he followed the sound of a young kid pleading for aid until he ended up under the bridge. Given that it was already dark, Hoelter had a difficult time locating the doggo, but fortunately, he had a torch with him.

After some time, he eventually found the poor pooch curled up on the ground, trembling with fright and cold, but that wasn’t the worst part.

When Hoelter approached the puppy, he observed that the puppy had electrical tape over his lips, which irritated him even more.

When Hoelter saw the puppy’s condition, he knew time was not on their side and that the pup needed to be transported to the doctor right away, which is why he grabbed him up and carried him to the Griffith Animal Hospital.

Stranger With A Big Heart

Dr. Lori Kovacich of Griffith Animal Hospital in Indiana also told her side of the story. She admitted the doggo to the hospital and saved him from the worst-case scenario:

“I was out of my chair and in the lobby to get him in seconds.”

Kovachich recognised the gravity of the situation and instantly took the puppy with her, without even asking the man who brought him his name or phone number.

She was startled and heartbroken to see such an adorable and small puppy in such a horrible state; the skin on his muzzle was seriously damaged by the tape, which vets suspect had been on him for days.

Kovachich needed a team of vets and technicians to properly treat the puppy. He received medications for internal inflammations and muzzle ointment, as well as numerous stuffed animals and a cosy blanket, allowing him to finally slumber.

After the dog was taken care of, Kovachich regretted not having the opportunity or time to ask the person who brought the dog for his name.

Hoelter, on the other hand, was just delighted that he got the dog to the hospital in time, so he just left and continued his walk to the store.

Another Day, Another Twist

Everything appeared to be under control after the initial assessment, until later tests revealed that the pup also had a broken limb.

Surgery was the only choice given how long it had been left untreated.

Based on the dog’s injuries and the fact that he was discovered under a bridge, hospital personnel decided that he was thrown from it and most likely hit the ground rather than the water. The puppy miraculously survived, but with terrible injuries.

The whole situation horrified Dr. Kovachich. She was so outraged and saddened by the injustice the small pup had endured that she posted on Facebook on behalf of the hospital who had treated the pup:

“A million thoughts race through my mind as I try to process this.” In the end, the evil individual or people who are responsible will perish in hell. They already lack sympathy and have no heart, and they live a wretched existence. Karma.”

Sweet Reunion And Furever Home

After the first several days of recovery, things were looking up for the puppy, who was eventually called Louie. He even began displaying his playful attitude at the hospital, which was why everyone adored him.

Posts on the Griffith Hospital’s social media account were quite successful, as they assisted the staff in locating Louie’s rescuer and a new home.

Hoelter’s niece discovered one of the posts and showed it to her uncle. They decided to go to the hospital and check on the puppy before he left with his new family.

Everyone at the hospital, including Hoelter, was taken aback by Louie’s reaction at seeing his saviour.

“I was awestruck because I didn’t think he remembered me.”

Louie, on the other hand, appears to have remembered, as he raced towards Hoelter as soon as he saw him and couldn’t stop hugging and petting him.

Louie has finally found his forever home after this touching occasion. Mary and Doug Witting, who have been hospital patients for years, didn’t want to obtain a new dog any time soon after losing their family pet, but there was something about Louie that they couldn’t let go of.

The Wittings were the ones who called the dog “Louie” and provided him with a home full of love, affection, and all the care he requires. As Mary put it:

“I thought to myself, ‘That cute little face needs me.’” I can adore him around the clock, and I need him.”

For true dog lovers, it’s unfathomable that someone could have the heart and guts to abandon, let alone physically harm, such a gentle and little animal.

Fortunately, there are people like Bob Hoelter, Dr. Lena Kovachich, and the Wittings who will always be there to assist in the healing of both physical and mental scars.

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