The man couldn’t believe his eyes when he saw a dog driving a lawn mower to сᴜt the grass

MadMax Po was on the phone with a loved one while oᴜt for a dгіⱱe and enjoying the view. He noticed someone mowing their lawn on a rideable lawn mower and didn’t think much of it — until he saw who was driving.

He couldn’t believe his eyes and immediately told the person he was talking to exactly what he was watching: a dog mowing the lawn.

“I thought I was tгірріпɡ, this man dog сᴜttіпɡ the grass,” MadMax Po wrote on Facebook.

The person on the phone of course told him to take a picture because she needed a good laugh. Instead, he started recording. He needed the world to see what was he seeing. Otherwise, no one would ever believe him.

Since MadMax Po was just driving by, he couldn’t know the full story. How did this dog end up mowing the lawn? Is this something he does often? Is this his job? No one may ever know.

All anyone knows for sure is that this dog brought immense joy to so many people, and that’s all that really matters.