The Quirky Haircut of the White Lion: ѕtгаіɡһt Bangs That Appear to be a Playful Mishap by the Majestic Ьeаѕt

Keepers at Guangzhou Zoo in China have denied giving “straight bangs” to a male lion after photos of the eccentric hairstyle went viral on China’s Weibo platform.



Image credit: Guangzhou Zoo/Weibo

Often nicknamed the King of the Jungle, the lion owes much of its prowess in the animal kingdom to the sleek-looking manes of the males. Apparently, just like us, these majestic animals sometimes also cut their hair and then have to spend weeks growing out the results of their impulsive decision.

Meet Hang Hang, a male white lion, who has probably been through something like this, judging by his truly baffling hairstyle and what zookeepers had to say about it: They have denied having any involvement in what appears to be some kind of bowl. . cut, with strangely straight bangs.



Image credit: Guangzhou Zoo/Weibo

The denial came after people began accusing zoo staff of giving Hang Hang the anomalous, well, animalistic haircut since he is so accurately presented. However, the zoo has repeatedly refuted the allegations, suggesting in an official statement that high temperatures and high humidity in Guangzhou could have caused the animal’s mane to hang like this. They added that the lion’s own grooming routine may also have been involved, which is perhaps the funniest (and easiest to identify) explanation.

Either way, Hang Hang doesn’t seem to mind his new hairstyle at all.



Image credit: Guangzhou Zoo/Weibo

Hang Hang is part of the rare species of white lions known for their coat color, which can range from pale blonde to striking white. Its distinctive hue is due to a recessive trait called ‘leucism’, a less serious genetic mutation than albinism.

Although these amazing animals were declared extinct in the wild between 1992 and 2004, thanks to the Global White Lion Protection Trust, the species was reintroduced to the wild, and today there are three prides thriving in the wild.



Image credit: Guangzhou Zoo/Weibo

So, chances are we’ll see more and more of that special white lion hairstyle, since the zookeepers are really innocent.

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