Triumph Over tгаɡedу: Ingenious гeѕсᴜe Operation Saves Baby Elephant from Perilous 25ft-deeр Well

It was an awe-inspiring scene as a meticulously planned and brilliantly executed rescue operation successfully saved a baby elephant trapped in a deep well in the eastern Indian state of Jharkhand.

When the innocent calf unexpectedly slipped into a 25-foot-deep well, the quick-thinking locals of Bantoli village in the Gumla district devised a brilliant strategy to ensure its safety.


Over a tense two-hour period, the villagers pumped vast amounts of water into the well, effectively turning it into an ‘elevator’ for the stranded animal.

Simultaneously, they skillfully used a JCB digger to carve a makeshift ramp from the well’s edge.



The large grey mammal rolls around in the shallow water at the bottom of the well in Jharkhand, eastern India.
To the villagers’ ecstatic cheers, the little elephant eventually clambered out of the well before making a beeline for its waiting family.

This extraordinary event was captured on video. Initially, the footage shows the distressed calf floundering in the well’s shallow water. Without wasting a moment, locals rushed to fill the well, albeit at an agonizingly slow pace.

The scene then transitions to show the well, now filled with water nearly two hours later, as reported by local sources.



The elephant finally floats to the top and clambers over the ridge of the well, scrabbling its front feet to get a grip on the muddy terrain.

The baby elephant can be seen peeking its head above the water’s surface. Nearby, the JCB digger stands ready, having successfully constructed a slope for the elephant’s escape.

With an outpouring of determination, the calf manages to grasp the muddy terrain, finally hauling itself up and onto the dry land. By this point, hundreds of spectators had assembled, cheering wildly as the animal secured its freedom.


Although initially cautious to keep a safe distance, the villagers followed the freed calf, gleefully watching it join three other elephants down a dusty track. Their joyful cheers echoed long after the herd had disappeared.



Astonished spectators gather to watch the rescue mission and shriek wildly as it is finally freed.




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