Triumphant Triumph: The Remarkable and dгаmаtіс гeѕсᴜe of a Baby Elephant in Zimbabwe!

In the wildlife-rich landscapes of Zimbabwe, a dire situation unfolded just days ago. A baby elephant was discovered, its leg painfully trapped in a wire snare.

The swelling was alarming, raising concerns among veterinarians that if the snare was not removed soon, the calf might lose its leg.

The only viable solution to rescue this distressed baby elephant was to deploy a helicopter, tranquilize the calf from above, and dispatch a specialized team to provide urgent treatment.


The clock was ticking, and every second mattered in the race to save this innocent life!



The Risky Yet Successful Rescue Operation!

The approval of the flight plan for this daring rescue mission was a nerve-wracking two-day wait. During this time, rangers from Zimbabwe National Parks remained vigilant, constantly monitoring the elephant herd.

However, as the dawn broke yesterday, the rescue team soared into the sky. They were able to swiftly locate the herd and tranquilize the baby elephant from the helicopter.



On the ground, the veterinarians and rangers team quickly moved in to cleanse the wound, provide essential medication, and administer a reversal agent for the sedatives.

The expert helicopter pilot skillfully managed the anxious mother elephant to ensure the team’s safety.

Upon waking, the baby elephant, now identified as a female, was joyously reunited with her mother by the helicopter pilot.

The rescue team watched as the mother and baby returned to their herd, moving away in a touching display of unity.

The intervention came just in time for this baby elephant, who is now expected to recover fully. Yet, this incident underscores the urgency of more robust measures to prevent similar incidents!

A Battle Against Cruel Snares!



The snare had inflicted deep wounds on the baby elephant’s leg. Her recovery, while hopeful, highlights the brutal reality of snares, indiscriminate instruments of torture and death for animals.

As part of our mission, ASI remains devoted to advocating against the use of these cruel devices that threaten even elephants.


Through your valuable support, ASI has contributed generously to the Kariba Animal Welfare Fund Trust, which organizes regular sweeps to remove snares in the area.

Together, we aim to prevent such painful incidents from repeating, protecting the wildlife we cherish so deeply.

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