Uпeагtһed апomаɩу: Mutant Cow with Uncommon Facial Attribute Takes Center Stage as Groom in Indian Ceremony


Worshiping the mutant cow as a god, the Indians even tried to get a wife for the “divine cow.” Some local shamans have worked hard to find and select beautiful girls to “marry” the sacred cow.

However, after appearing, this deformed cow was not only not hated but respected by many indigenous people, who considered it the reincarnation of the gods.



Because the mutant cow is considered the “cow god”, people serve it with great affection every day and offer it a lot of scenic food. Not only there, recently people also want to marry the “cow god” with a real wife, so that the wife can take care of the “cow god” every day. Invites readers to watch the video: moпѕteг ріɡ with a human face



Thinking about doing so, some local shamans have worked hard to find and select beautiful girls to “marry” the “cow god.” According to these shamans, after marrying the “cow god,” the girls will be blessed by the gods and will never get sick.



Hearing that, some local families clamored to give their daughters to the “cow god,” hoping that the god would bless their entire family. The incident was reported by the media and quickly attracted attention. Many people believe that the phenomenon of cows with two eyes, two noses and misaligned horns is just a mutant case, caused by people in India who worship too much, leading them to look for a wife for the cows.

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