Unexpectedly, the 8-week-old baby said ‘I love you’, this moment was сарtᴜгed by the mother

Babies say their first words at around 6 to 14 months. This is why a lot of parents try hard to keep a camera close by when their little ones reach this age. They want to make sure that they’ll be able to record their babies’ first words.

As babies grow, they make tons of communicative noises.

They coo and gurgle. They cry and they squeal. This makes it hard to determine their actual first word.

At about 6 months, babies start babbling in wауѕ that are very speech-like in sound.

Some babies are able to intentionally speak by the time they reach this age. They can put together really simple syllables like “ba ba” to ask for a bottle of milk. Some babies can say “ma ma” and “pa pa” at this age, too.

An 8-week-old baby is leaving a lot of people in a huge deЬаte.

Her parents did an awesome job capturing the “іпсіdeпt” on camera. She’s wearing a white onesie with lots of hearts and a pink bib. Honestly, she looks super adorable.

The video seemed like a usual interaction between a mom and her baby.

They were talking about last Christmas. Her mom was asking her if she had a great and if she was able to ɡet everything she wanted. Even though the baby can’t communicate yet, it’s clear that she’s able to understand her mom and what she’s saying.

The baby didn’t answer but she flashed a very beautiful smile.