15 Green паіɩ designs to combine with spring

Green is one of the most popular colors this year, and with the growing popularity of manicures and false nails, it is logical that many of us want to show off our beautiful little hands with a nice color that symbolizes the arrival of spring and hot days.

For this reason we show you 15 unique designs for you to pimp your nails with pastel, intense and bright shades of green and get inspired for your next visit to the beauty salon. You will love them!

1. With impressions of natural leaves

2. Just one shade for those who love simplicity

3. A flirty touch of bright green

4. Combine pastel and glitter tones

5. Give a chic twist to the ends

6. The ideal design for very discreet nails

7. Holographic nail polish looks amazing.

8. Combine more than four shades

9. An original style with rococo touches

10. For your quirky, animal friend

11. Add some fun textures

12. Pastel shades are in trend

13. Matte nails always look classy.

14. Or choose tips with golden lines

15. You will attract attention with this style