372 Days at the Shelter: Heartwarming Journey of Lucky, a Dog in Need of a Forever Home

Some doggos just need to wait a little longer than others for their furever home. But, when it finally happens – all those endless nights and days of sitting in hope and waiting for that special moment become water under the bridge!

Take Major, for example! For some unknown reason, this pawesome boi has spent over a year at a shelter until his meant-to-be hooman appeared at the doorstep.

It was a long road of hopeful tail-wagging in the direction of potential adopters, but the day finally arrived, and this black-and-white doggo couldn’t hide his happiness!

Major And His Brother Saved From Being Euthanized

Before he became everyone’s sweetheart at the Naperville Area Humane Society, Major, the 3-year-old dog, and his brother, Hilo, were stationed at a local shelter in Quincy, Illinois.

According to the NAHS staff, if they hadn’t been saved timely, both of these dogs would’ve faced euthanization.

Major and Hilo are known for their quirky and amazing spirits! They are both very sociable and friendly to everyone at the shelter, and they just love playing games!

Recently, the NAHS team posted a video of Major and Hilo, emphasizing their adorable temperaments and displaying their major qualities.

“This weekend, they will have officially hit their 365-day mark at NAHS and we can’t understand why. So, we put this video together of some of our staff and volunteers, the ones who know them best, to share with you all the great things they have to offer,” they wrote.

Overlooked Without A Valid Reason

Nobody at the shelter could understand why every potential adopter overlooked Major, as he had no valid reason not to be rescued! Aside from being such a great and friendly doggo, Major has always been well-mannered and easy to maintain, too!

Winston, the volunteer at NAHS, says: “Don’t tell the other dogs  he’s the smartest one here!” “He’s such a lovebug, and everybody here at the shelter wants him to have his own family,” says Jane, another volunteer.

And, according to Pam – “Major is the sweetest little boy.”

Aside from his caregivers, Major loves spending time with his shelter buddies! Despite their size, temperament, and pretty much everything – he just loves them all!

The Day Has Finally Come

It was Wednesday and exactly 372 days from Major’s very first day at the shelter when a man showed up! Jose, a semi-trailer truck driver who recently lost his furry companion, came to NAHS to adopt another dog.

The staff immediately knew who to show him – Major! The two seemed to click right off the bat, and after the initial introduction – there was no doubt anymore! Major was the one for Jose!

The shelter staff prepared the unexpected, yet most emotional farewell for their long-time resident. Major got to say goodbye to all of his favorite volunteers, one by one. And, after he did – he jumped into the truck with his new dad!

It was so heartwarming to see Major snuggling up to Jose through the truck window. He seemed at peace and happy to finally be in the arms of his furever owner. And, that smile – boy was that a pawdorable sight!

Endless Adventures On The Road

Even though his address is no longer in Naperville, Illinois, Major couldn’t be happier to take on new adventures with his new dad!

“We just heard from Major’s new dad that Major is doing GREAT! Major can jump out of the truck by himself now and LOVES to snuggle with his new owner at night in the cabin. We are so thrilled to hear that Major is enjoying his exciting life on the road,” the NAHS wrote.

He’s living life to the fullest, making every day a new adventure! And, most importantly – he never stops smiling!

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