A memorable two-year anniversary: Honoring the extraordinary journey of a boy with only half a skull

Two Outstanding Years: Commemorating the Extraordinary Journey of a Remarkable Young Boy.

The story of little Emmett Buell Jaxon surprised the whole world. Seeing the beautiful blue eyes, no one imagines that he was born without part of the brain and skull and managed to survive. Even disillusioned by doctors, upon learning of his condition, the baby, from Florida, in the United States, exceeded all expectations and completed a year of age and tried to take his first steps.

The little boy’s parents, Brandon and Brittany Buell, said he suffers from severe brain malformation. According to data published by the Daily Mail website, one in 4,859 babies in the USA are born with anencephaly and usually die shortly after birth.

The mother remembers when she was pregnant and received news of her son’s health problem.

At the time of the 17th-week ultrasound, when we discovered sex, everything was quiet. However, the next day, I received a call from a doctor that there was a problem with my son.

However, Brandon had to go through several specialists until he found the correct diagnosis for the baby.

The mother still says that the doctors told her to abort. At the time, she was 23 weeks pregnant.

Who are we to choose? We have been given the chance to have a child and we have to at least try to hear his voice. We gave him a chance to fight and that’s what he’s been doing.

Miraculously, the baby survived and was born by cesarean section on August 27, 2014, weighing 1 kg. He spent weeks in an intensive care unit and several doctors tried to understand the boy’s condition.

It was very exciting. I remember holding him on my lap and the doctors telling me that he could never walk or even speak.

As there is no cure, Brandon’s co-workers created a page that collects funds that will help pay for the care of the little one. The boy’s inspiring story captivated families across the US, as 90,000 people “ liked ” the page.

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