A Second Chance at Happiness: Stray Pit Bull’s Path from Tumor to Transformation, Unleashing Hope

Animal shelters do tremendous work in rehabilitating dogs. Some animals arrive at shelters in appalling condition, yet volunteers still step forward to provide them with the love and care they require.

That was the case with Libby, a dog with a volleyball-sized tumour. But her story now has a joyful conclusion.



The Humane Society for Tacoma and Pierce County in Washington state took up Libby, a stray pit bull, in August. The dog was described as “full of life” with a “sweet face and kind eyes.”

Libby, on the other hand, had a significant medical problem: a 10-pound tumour the size of a volleyball, one of the largest tumours they’d ever seen:


Libby arrived at a busy period for the shelter: according to HSTPC, she was one of three urgent cases they reacted to in 48 hours, and being Washington’s largest intake shelter, dozens of new animals were arriving every day.



Despite this, they vowed to offer Libby the finest care possible, even though they had no idea what the future held for the poor dog.

“She deserves the most compassionate care possible, but we don’t know what her outcome will be at this time,” the shelter said in an August statement. “Our veterinary team is considering every possible option, beginning with testing to determine the type of tumour Libby has.” For the time being, she is receiving pain medicine to alleviate her discomfort as well as unending love from our staff.”



After taking an x-ray of Libby, they discovered the tumour was in the bone of her upper right leg, necessitating amputation. Reactive inflammation caused the tumour to expand to its abnormal size, causing her excruciating discomfort.

The shelter was able to pay for Libby’s limb amputation thanks to generous donations from supporters. The procedure, performed by the veterinarians at BluePearl Pet Hospital, was a success, and Libby was no longer in discomfort.



Sadly, despite the fact that her tumour had been removed, she was diagnosed with aggressive bone cancer, and her time on Earth may be limited. But there is good news: Libby has found a home!

A vet tech fell in love with Libby and consented to adopt her, according to HSTPC. Even though she knew Libby wouldn’t live long, she wanted to fill her final days with love.


“There’s something in her eyes that begs for love and safety,” her new adoptive stated on Facebook. “I couldn’t turn away from that.”

Libby has been renamed “Wiggles” and is enjoying her new home, playing with her dog brother and family, and napping on the couch.



“Though we’re uncertain how much time she has left, we know she’ll spend her remaining days surrounded by love and comfort thanks to the kindness of our community,” the Humane Society stated.

Thank you to everyone who helped Libby get a second chance! We wish her the best with the time she has left in her new home!❤️

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 An adorable puppy was discovered suffering from heat exhaustion in San Antonio, Texas, a few days ago. According to San Antonio Pets Alive, the five-month-old pup, dubbed Bonnie, was the victim of abuse.



According to the animal rescue organization, ” “Annie was discovered outside in the scorching sun with her lips taped shut! Her nose and lips are pale and bloated due to a lack of blood flow. She has scars, bleeding, and losing hair as a result of the tightly wrapped tape. When she arrived into our care, she was also coated in grime and excrement.”

Adding: “When she was around five months old and weighed only SIX pounds, a monster abandoned her. She couldn’t drink, eat, pant, bathe herself, or breathe properly in that dreadful position. Under her hair, skin and bones can be detected.”



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