A Tale of Magnanimity: The Yellow Dog’s Ten-Year Endeavor to Tidy Up Rubbish Along a Chinese River, A Testament to Dedication and Environmental Stewardship

There are many of us who deny the humans who throw garbage into the rivers, littering and showing their enormous lack of civility, education and love for the planet around us.

In these days when pollution is destroying our seas, our forests, our arctic, in short, which is killing ourselves and all the other species that inhabit the earth, it is worth taking a break from the routine and see in detail what others are doing to solve this terrible situation…Even if it is an adorable, elderly environmentalist golden retriever



No, it is not a joke. And on many occasions, it is animals that show us, with their example of kindness and dedication, that we can always be better people.

As well as a little dog from the province of Juangsu, in China, who for the last 10 years has been working day after day to remove more than 2,000 plastic bottles from the region’s rivers. And he does it with great pleasure! He has dedicated himself to removing around 30 bottles a day, the garbage that humans throw



Instead of teaching his pet basic tricks like “sit,” “turn over,” or “give me your paw,” a man who was quite concerned about the environment decided to train his dog to jump into the river and swim until he reached the garbage he was carrying. it floats on water.

In this way, both contribute to cleaning the river, while having a wonderful time, taking their work as a fun game.

And how do they do it? All it takes is for the dog to hear the command “retriever” for it to rush to collect the plastic bottles that litter the river. According to his owner, this industrious golden collector strives to remove almost 3 dozen bottles a day, which has made him a hero for the community. Now he is a celebrity in his city.



The dog is already a recognized protector of the environment and lives in Suzhou, eastern China’s Jiangsu province. According to an investigation carried out in 2016 by Public Radio International, along with Indonesia, the Philippines, Thailand and Vietnam, China is one of the main global producers of marine debris.

Indeed, it is these 5 Asian nations that are responsible for 60% of the plastic waste that litters our seas. Although the figure is truly shocking, it makes us see that the sum of many few can really make a difference, and this sweet golden is more than an example to follow. This little dog shows us that we can all do our bit to save the planet.



For its part, China covers 28% of the world’s demand for plastic bottles, which is why many of this country’s rivers are terribly polluted. There is no doubt, the figures are alarming.

However, this adorable little dog reminds us that it is possible, little by little, from bottle to bottle…See him in action in this video!:

Just as some people are aware of their love and respect for nature, and do everything possible to recycle, save water and not pollute, this little dog found his way to contribute to making this world a better place.

It didn’t take long for the networks to respond with emotional comments to the beautiful furry boy: “Animals always give us behavioral lessons to humans. Olé for this great little dog… Clean up what humans undo, we should be ashamed.”

Let’s follow the example of this admirable golden retriever and start working to make this a cleaner, more livable world for us and for all animals!

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