Arachnoid апomаɩу: ѕmoke Trails Unleashed as Spider-Shaped UFO ѕрагkѕ Skyward tᴜгmoіɩ in India

The footage rapidly spread across social media, prompting global discussions and shares. Since then, experts and enthusiasts have scrutinized the video, giving rise to numerous theories aiming to explain this phenomenon. Initially, a resident on an evening stroll first observed the object in the sky…

Initially, a resident who was out for an evening stroll spotted the object in the sky and promptly began recording the scene with a mobile phone.

The object remained motionless in the sky for approximately 15 minutes before vanishing without a trace. The resident who recorded the footage admitted to never witnessing anything of the sort before and was deeply shaken by the encounter.

Following the release of the video footage, other eyewitnesses came forward with their own descriptions of the event. Several locals reported seeing an unusual object in the night sky, with some mentioning that it emitted a bright light.


One eyewitness claimed to have observed the object up close and characterized it as “completely silent” and “moving in a manner impossible for any human-made aircraft.” Another witness recounted the object disappearing abruptly in the blink of an eye.

Numerous theories have been proposed to elucidate the sighting, ranging from the mundane to the extraordinary. Here are some of the most credible hypotheses:

One theory posits that the object might have been a weather balloon. Weather balloons are employed for meteorological data collection and can sometimes be mistaken for UFOs due to their shape and size. However, experts have reviewed the footage and dismissed this explanation since the object lacks the typical characteristics of a weather balloon.

Another theory suggests that the object could have been a drone. Drones are increasingly used for surveillance and reconnaissance purposes, raising the possibility that the object was a military or civilian drone. Nevertheless, the object’s shape and its manner of movement make it an unlikely candidate for a drone.

Certain individuals have speculated that the object might have been a classified military aircraft. Notably, the US military has been known to develop advanced aircraft that remain undisclosed to the public. However, the absence of any visible markings or distinctive features on the object casts doubt on this explanation.




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