Battle of monsters! the endless duel between a small wolf trying to eat a much larger moose for dinner

Drone footage captures the battle between a small predatorial wolf who is determined to eat a large moose for dinner.

The dramatic video shows the duel between the wild animals in a river in Sault, Ste. Marie, Ontario, Canada.

The unassuming wolf is seen wading in the river surrounded by a vast area of trees.

The wolf creeps up and tries to make the moose his dinner.

Drone video shows moose fighting off wolf in Canadian River

A moose and wolf were seen dueling in a river in Ontario, Canada, in footage captured on a drone

The wolf latches on to the moose near its front leg with its razor-sharp teeth

The moose puts up a great fight and tries to fend off the wolf by lurching forward at it.

As they duel, both of the animals go deeper into the water.

The wolf uses its razor-sharp teeth to grab hold of the moose’s body near its front leg.

The moose continues to walk forward with the wolf still latched on.

The moose uses its back leg to kick the smaller animal until its finally able to shake the wolf off.

As the moose makes a run for it in the water, the wolf ominously follows behind.

The wolf eventually gives up as the moose goes too deep into the water.  It leaves the river and joins its pack along railroad tracks.

The moose is able to shake off the wolf and escape. The moose is seen above making its escape

The wolf follows the moose for a moment before the water gets too deep and it retreats


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