Beyond the Stars: Astonishing UFO Encounters and Giant аɩіeп Beings in Space!

A former NASA engineer alleges that he witnessed a 10-foot-tall extraterrestrial being while overseeing a space mission.

Clark McClelland would have been a member of a team stationed at the Kennedy Space Center in Cape Canaveral, Florida, when he had an encounter with a humanoid alien.

The “entity,” he asserts, stood on two legs and approached the American astronauts. He engaged in a conversation that lasted precisely one minute and several seconds.

Clark McClelland was the “aerospace engineer and NASA employee” who professed to have been involved in over 660 space missions from 1958 to 1992. In 2012, McClelland released a contentious video in which he alleged to have observed a three-meter humanoid figure aboard the space shuttle.

McClelland asserted that he witnessed (via his monitor) an entity issuing commands to human astronauts through hand gestures. Throughout this experience, McClelland was on duty at the Kennedy Space Launch Center.

“I had the opportunity to witness the entity’s arm movements to the right, conveying instructions to the astronauts present.”

“I observed it for a duration of one minute and six seconds and also noticed a sizable spacecraft beyond the facility,” explained McClelland.

He also claimed that in other space missions, there were additional individuals who witnessed peculiar beings interacting with humans.

He stated, “I am an expert at visually identifying any spacecraft crafted and operated by the human race, whether secret or not. And I can also distinguish an Earth-made spacecraft from a non-Earth-made one!”

In one of his videos, McClelland claimed that he was terminated by NASA following his discussion of the interaction between the humanoid figure and NASA astronauts.

In the video, he conveyed, “I have a deep love for our planet and the human race. I’m here to serve all of you if you’ll allow me.”

Furthermore, he noted that the United States government revoked his pension, leaving him solely reliant on social security.

In addition, skeptics raised questions about McClelland’s absence from the official NASA website.

Nevertheless, ufologists have regarded his statement as one of the “most compelling” pieces of evidence supporting the notion of a cover-up regarding the “contact” that the US purportedly maintains with extraterrestrial life forms. According to UFO specialists, this contact has been intentionally kept hidden, sharing its secrets with only a select audience.



Finally, McClelland asserted that these beings have a spacecraft stationed in space, monitoring human activities closely, and ready to intervene if necessary.

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