Birthing Miracles: A Surrogate Mother’s Decade of Deliveries and Her аmЬіtіoп for 100 More

A 23-year-old Russian mother resides in Batumi, Georgia, along with her eldest child, Vika, and her 56-year-old billionaire husband, who was born six years ahead of her. However, Christina was determined to have multiple children and paid nine surrogate mothers £7,000 each to carry their ten biological offspring when the couple felt it was the right time to expand their family.

In an interview with Closer magazine, the mother of eleven expressed, “I was drawn to the idea of having many of our children who were born at the same time, growing up together.”

Opting for surrogacy was a logical choice for us because it allowed us to have all the children at once, ensuring that they were genetically ours.

Christina expressed that she didn’t feel like she missed out on anything by using surrogates, as she had given birth once before. She also emphasized that both she and Galip were fully committed to each of the pregnancies.

Furthermore, Christina believed that by not carrying the children herself, she remained fit and healthy, ready to care for them when they began to arrive in March 2020.

The coυple didп’t kпow the sυrrogates, Ƅυt accordiпg to Christiпa, the Ƅiggest issυe was пot kпowiпg what they were eаtіпɡ. As a resυlt, she deʋeloped a meal plaп to eпsυre that the iпfaпts had the proper пυtritioп.

Christiпa moʋed from Ƅeiпg a siпgle mother to haʋiпg 10 ?????reп liʋiпg υпder oпe roof iп jυst 10 moпths.


Moscow-???? Christiпa, a siпgle mother of oпe, met her fυtυre hυsƄaпd Galip, a Tυrkish ргoрeгtу aпd traпsportatioп Ƅillioпaire, while oп ʋacatioп iп the Ƅeach resort.


Take a look at this remarkable vegan mother’s commitment to breastfeeding her son until he reaches the age of four, featuring more real-life stories.

In a distressing incident, this mother felt upset when the nursery staff used permanent marker to scribble on the baby’s belly, intending to embarrass her after she forgot to pack diapers.

Furthermore, the soon-to-be mother of 16 allocates £400 per week for food expenses and relies on a bus for transportation, while her hardworking husband ensures the family’s financial stability.

Christina has enlisted the help of 11 nannies who provide around-the-clock childcare support to manage everything.

Detailing her daily routine, the mother of 11 mentioned that she and the nannies wake up with the infants at 6:30 am, spending a couple of hours playing with them. After the children’s 10 a.m. nap, Christina and her assistants prepare meals for the upcoming week, take the kids for a walk, and spend the afternoons reading and watching cartoons.

Earlier this year, Christina and Galip expressed their willingness to offer up to £800,000 for 100 surrogate births. The affluent couple announced on social media their ambitious plan to have a total of 105 children.

To meet her target of a dozen biological children each year for the next seven years, this mother must continue producing 12 offspring annually until she turns 30.

The family lives in the coastal town of Batumi in Georgia, where the practice of using surrogate mothers for pregnancy is legally allowed.


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