Birthing Strength: defуіпɡ Norms, an Expectant Mother Embraces Acroyoga Until Days Before Delivery

In a world where prenatal fitness often faces constraints, Lizzy Tomber, an expectant mother, challenges conventions by persisting in her acroyoga routine just days before delivering her baby. Her remarkable journey serves as a testament to the feasibility of maintaining an active lifestyle throughout pregnancy.


Despite the common limitations associated with prenatal fitness, Lizzy Tomber remains unwavering in her commitment to acroyoga, a dynamic fusion of acrobatics and yoga originating from India. This form of exercise entails intricate balance movements, with Lizzy and her husband, Josh Young, collaboratively crafting remarkable poses and maneuvers. Although some may perceive this practice as daring, Lizzy, with her expanding belly, courageously opts to incorporate it into her daily routine.

For those not acquainted with acroyoga, it is a practice that blends the serenity of yoga with the energy of acrobatics, integrating elements like flying and somersaults into its sequences.

Lizzy approached her obstetrician with careful consideration before deciding to continue practicing acroyoga during her pregnancy. Much to her surprise and joy, her doctor not only approved but also recognized that acroyoga was not merely an exercise for Lizzy but an essential part of her daily routine. Recounting her doctor’s supportive words, Lizzy recalls, “If you’re comfortable and this is what you do on a daily basis, you shouldn’t stop doing it.” With this encouraging response, Lizzy received the green light she needed to sustain her acroyoga routine.

Throughout her pregnancy, Lizzy and her husband, who traverse the globe teaching acroyoga, took a brief hiatus from their international adventures and settled in Washington, D.C., to prepare for their baby’s arrival. Despite her impending due date, Lizzy persisted in her acroyoga practice right up until just a few days before giving birth.

Now, with her newborn son David, Lizzy is wasting no time in resuming her acroyoga routine. She’s even involving her little one, gradually introducing him to acrobatic movements. Despite David being a baby, Lizzy is taking a measured approach, stating, “He’s been practicing acrobatics since he was a baby. He can support his own neck, so we’re not in a hurry to teach him, but hopefully, he will grow up to be a child who enjoys acrobatics.”

Lizzy’s narrative serves as a testament to the notion that, with proper consultation and guidance, expectant mothers can sustain their active pursuits, challenge societal norms, and ensure a healthy pregnancy.

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