Brave Baby Gazelle Defies Odds in Wild Encounter, Stunning Photos Showcase Triumph of Courage Over Terrifying Big Cat

A wildebeest calf chases a lion across the water in the Masai Mara in Kenya: pictures by Paul Goldstein.

This series of pictures by acclaimed wildlife photographer Paul Goldstein shows a wildebeest calf turning the tables on a hungry lioness and chasing her off over a stretch of water in the Masai Mara, Kenya Credit: Paul Goldstein/Exodus Travels

Paul says: “Often it is the minnows, the underdogs, that deserve our praise more than the A-list. Injured and abandoned, a lone wildebeest fawn tottered up and down a stinking pool. This foot of water was the only respite from the attentions of three young lions… Credit: Paul Goldstein/Exodus Travels


“Finally with hunger overcoming feline fear of water, a medium-sized female closed in… Credit: Paul Goldstein/Exodus Travels

“The inevitable coup de grace surely lay ahead… Credit: Paul Goldstein/Exodus Travels

“Moments later, the lioness was fleeing, pursued by a furious wildebeest one-third of its size. Dripping blood from previous injuries, this callow calf showed the now disgraced lion a clean set of cloven heels and somehow rejoined the herd… Credit: Paul Goldstein/Exodus Travels

“It is a delight to see a little cow destroy a big star’s reputation” Credit: Paul Goldstein/Exodus Travels

The lioness vs wildbeest pictures were taken at Kicheche – Paul’s camp in the Masai Mara. He runs special photographic holidays and safaris there as well as in Antarctica, the Arctic and India. You can book a place on one of these once-in-a-lifetime trips through Exodus Travel Credit: Paul Goldstein/Exodus Travels


The rest of this gallery is given over to photographs taken on various Exodus Travel wildlife photography trips Credit: Paul Goldstein/Exodus Travels

A young wildebeest chases a lioness away Credit: Paul Goldstein/Exodus Travels

A young wildebeest chases a lioness away Credit: Paul Goldstein/Exodus Travels

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