Classic match: Eagle vs. Snake – Match in the sky

You’re hissstory! Snake wraps itself around eagle’s leg in death match – but bird whips it off and gulps it down

A fatal fight between an eagle and a snake has been caught on camera in a state in the south of India.

The two animals were fighting for a short time before the bird won, swallowing the snake in one gulp.

The rat snake wrapped itself around the eagle’s leg, but the bird whipped it off and swallowed it.

The pictures were taken by Sambath Subbaiah in the area of Tamil Nadu, one of the 29 states of India, during a visit


The bird of prey and the rat snake were fighting for a short time before the eagle inevitably won and swallowed the snake

Images caught on camera show the eagle and the snake, pictured together, while they skillfully fight one another

They were fighting in Tamil Nadu, one of India’s 29 states, on the outskirts of Chennai.

The two animals confronted each other and, at some point, the snake stood in front of the brown and white eagle.

The bird tried to catch the snake with its claw just moments before stretching its head towards it and eating it.

One of the photos show the eagle looking at the camera with the snake in its mouth before gulping it down.

The two animals confronted each other and snake at some point stood in front of the eagle which, later, swallowed it

The brown and white eagle tries to catch the snake with its claw moments before stretching its head towards it and eating it

Sambath Subbaiah, 34, a product manager from Chennai, India, was visiting Tamil Nadu with his friend Ganesh Jayaraman and his six-year old daughter, Deeksha Diya, last month.

He spotted the mortal combat and caught pictures on his camera.

His images show the two animals fighting one another before the short-toed eagle wins.

After the intense fight, the bird can be seen swallowing the rat snake in one gulp after whipping it off its body

One of the photos shows the bird looking at the camera while holding the snake in its mouth

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