Dгаmаtіс гeѕсᴜe: Dog Owner ѕᴜЬmeгɡed for Hours in Well Saved from Watery Fate

An animal protection group in Rajasthan, India “Animal Aid Unlimited” has released a rescue of a dog who fell into a well.

The staff of “Animal Aid Unlimited” rushed to the rescue after receiving a request for help when a dog fell into a well. Peering into the well, they saw a lone dog submerged in water, clinging to a rock and staring at the staff with a look that seemed to express a sense of hopelessness and despair, as if the dog thought it might not be saved.

It appeared that the dog had been in this state for several hours, struggling to stay afloat in the cold water and desperately clinging to the rock while its strength dwindled. At one point, the dog’s legs slipped and it fell back into the water. However, it continued to swim with all its might, determined to survive.

Upon seeing the dog’s dire situation, the staff knew they had to act quickly. They equipped themselves with safety ropes and descended cautiously down the 70-foot (about 20-meter) deep well.

When they reached the dog, it seemed to realize that they were there to help and approached the staff on its own. The dog was lifted out of the well using a net and brought safely to the surface. It’s hard to imagine how relieved the dog must have been. The rescue operation was a success thanks to the brave and dedicated efforts of the Animal Aid Unlimited staff.

The rescued dog was transported to the Animal Aid Unlimited facility where it underwent a medical check-up. Due to its clinging to the rock, it was found to have numerous bleeding wounds on its paws. However, the staff provided the necessary care and the dog was able to rest and recover, surrounded by caring staff members.

The relief on the dog’s face was evident as it was finally safe and in good hands. Thanks to the timely rescue and attentive care from the Animal Aid Unlimited staff, the dog had a second chance at life.

It is said that there are numerous large and deep wells in India, and similar accidents are not uncommon. We pray that such accidents can be prevented in the future.