Discover the Israeli-Made Hardest Tank in the World

Th? M??k?v? t?nk w?s ??si?n?? in th? 1970s ??ll?win? th? ??il??? t? ???ch?s? Chi??t?in t?nks ???m th? Unit?? Kin???m.

Th? M??k?v? w?s ??si?n?? in th? 1970s ??ll?win? th? ??il??? t? ???ch?s? Chi??t?in t?nks ???m th? Unit?? Kin???m. O?i?in?ll? ??si?n?? t? ??k? it ??t with S?vi?t t?nks in th? ??s??ts s?????n?in? Is???l, th? t?nk w?s l?i? ??t in ? ??th?? ?n??th???x m?nn?? c?m????? t? c?nt?m?????? W?st??n ?n? S?vi?t t?nks, ???t??in? ? ??si?n m??? ?kin t? s?m? in??nt?? ?i?htin? v?hicl?s. Inst??? ?? h?vin? th? ?n?in? ?t th? ????, th? ?n?in? w?s m?v?? in ???nt ?? th? c??w c?m???tm?nt, with th? t????t ?l?c?? ???th?? ??ck ?n th? ch?ssis.

Th? ??s?lt w?s th?t th? ???nt ??m?? c??l? ?? m??? ??????ll? sl????, ?n? th? c??w c??l? ?nt?? ?n? ?xit th? t?nk ??ickl? ???m th? ????.

M??k?v? – T?nk Hist??? ?n? R?vi?w:



H?w?v??, this c?m?s with th? ???w??ck ?? h?vin? th? ?n?in? m??? ??sil? ?is??l??, ?s ?n? ??n?t??tin? ???nt hit will ?is??l? it. Is???li ??ct?in? ??i??itiz?s th? s??viv??ilit? ?? th? c??w in ?n ?n????m?nt, s? in th? ?v?nt ?? ? ?is??lin? hit th? c??w will ??il ??t ???i?l? th????h th? ???? h?tch i? th? sit??ti?n ?ll?ws. On th? ?th?? h?n?, ? ??n?t??tin? ???nt?l hit ?n ? w?st??n t?nk will lik?l? l??v? th? t?nk still m??il?.

Th? ?th?? ?i? iss?? is th? st????? ?? th? ?mm?niti?n in th? M??k?v?. Amm? in th? M??k?v? is st???? in th? c??w c?m???tm?nt in ?l?m?-??sist?nt ?l?stic c?nt?in??s. Whil? th?s? c?nt?in??s c?n ??l?? th? c??k-??? ?? ?mm?niti?n, M??k?v?s h?v? s??????? c?t?st???hic ??il???s wh?n th?i? ?mm?niti?n l??? w?s hit. Th? M??k?v? Mk 4 miti??t?s this ?? st??in? s?m? ?mm? in th? t????t with ?l?w-??? ??n?ls, ??t this st????? c?n ?nl? h?l? t?n ???n?s. This m?k?s it ??? l?ss s??viv??l? in ?v?nt ?? ?n ?mm?niti?n hit c?m????? t? ??stl? st????? ??si?ns s?ch ?s th? M1 A???ms, K2 Bl?ck P?nth??, ?? L?cl??c.

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