Elephants’ Roar for ѕіɩeпсe: Taking a ѕtапd аɡаіпѕt Noisy Motorcycles in a Thai National Park, Instilling teггoг in a Moped Rider as a Powerful Message

In a dramatic encounter captured on camera, a moped rider faced a heart-pounding moment as a group of elephants expressed frustration with noisy motorcycles attacking him on a road within Thailand’s Khao Yai national park.

The incident unfolded near the city of Korat in northeastern Thailand. Slowly navigating his moped through the park’s tranquil landscape, the rider encountered a herd of elephants agitated just minutes before by the raucous roar of a pack of motorcyclists.

Dashcam footage from a nearby car documented the tense standoff as the elephants, clearly agitated, charged toward the moped rider with trumpeting calls.



Anger: Footage captured the moment elephants attacked a terrified moped rider as he tried to go past them on a road in Thailan

Realizing the danger, the terrified rider had no choice but to abandon his moped and flee into the safety of the jungle.

Once the elephants had calmed and moved away, the shaken rider could retrieve his moped and continue.



Attack: The animals reacted angrily as the rider approached in the heart of Khao Yai national park near the city of Korat, in the north-east of the country

The incident served as a vivid reminder of the need for greater caution and respect when sharing the road with the park’s native inhabitants.

Khao Yai national park, the third largest in Thailand, spans 300 square kilometers (74,000 acres) and boasts diverse ecosystems, including lush evergreen forests and vast grasslands.

Home to a wide variety of flora and fauna, over 3,000 species of plants inhabit the park, 320 species of birds, and 66 species of mammals, among them the majestic Asian elephant.



On the charge: The man was forced to leap off his bike and run into the jungle as several elephants charged towards him trumpeting loudly

The park authorities shared the compelling video on their official Facebook page, issuing a stern cautionary statement: “Motorbikes must be prohibited within Khao Yai to prevent potentially serious incidents.”

Witnessing this gripping encounter between a moped rider and agitated elephants underscores the importance of harmonious coexistence between nature enthusiasts and the park’s incredible wildlife.



Slowly does it: Footage taken on a car’s dashboard camera shows the slow-moving rider trying to pass the elephants



Waiting game: The biker had to wait for the elephants to disperse before he could recover his machine and speed off



The national park of Khao Yai shared the video on their Facebook page with a comment: ‘Motorbikes have to be banned from Khao Yai before something serious happens’



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