From пeɡɩeсt to Royalty: Transformation of a пeɡɩeсted Cat in Constant Heat into a Happy, Fluffy Indoor Queen

Amira was a badly neglected adult fluffy cat who transformed into ‘Her Highness Queen Amira,’ a stunning beauty. But it was after a long recovery in a loving home. Although you might not guess she was such a super-meowdel at first glance, her rescuers in South Nevada knew she would blossom given the care she needed.

One day, a colony caretaker spotted the cat and knew she needed help fast. A group of kids were harassing her, and she was filthy. Never a good sign for any cat. Fortunately, they were able to catch her with a humane trap and brought her to the Community Cat Clinic. It wasn’t long before everyone fell in love with her.

Once, Amira had been someone’s pet. But her guardians failed her and let her health decline. She was filthy with badly matted fur and infected eyes. Yet regardless of her suffering, she only wanted attention and love from everyone. At the vet’s office, she waited patiently and let them stroke her, seemingly knowing everything would be okay.

In one visit, the clinic was able to get Amira all cleaned up, carefully removing giant clumps of matted fur. They also spayed, vaccinated, cleaned her ears and treated her infected eyes. That’s when they discovered this cat had a rare condition: she was persistently or chronically in heat! While it can last up to 21 days in healthy cats, it wouldn’t stop for Amira. It must have been torture without relief and yet she remained so sweet anyway.

Cats in heat, or estrus, have constant urges to get outside, vocalize, rub and roll their bodies on everything in sight. Evidently, she got outside, but her health continued to decline and she remained in heat. If she hadn’t been rescued, she could have had multiple litters of kittens that would need rescue, too.

Video by Heaven Can Wait Animal Society:

Rather than struggle on the streets, Amira’s good luck streak continued. In her new foster home, she became a ‘Diva’ posing pretty in a window.

Slowly, she continued to recover, but it took several months, a “long, arduous process.” However, she was already looking like a brand new cat.

In the video below, she made happy chirping noises for her foster mom, Anni from Street Cats Care & Rescue. You can see her hair continued to grow with pretty patches of black and grey. A supermeowdel was about to be unleashed!

Anni shared a wonderful update when Amira found a loving home with a trusted friend. Now she’ll be a pampered Queen and retire to a life of luxury. Seeing her “glow-up” it’s a good reminder that you can find the prettiest cats at rescues and shelters everywhere. With lots of love and TLC they can make incredible transfurmations.

“I think it’s safe to say that Her Highness Queen Amira has settled into her new wonderful home in record time ( 5 minutes) …she has two adorable kitty beds ..but in true Amira style, she picked the biggest bed in the house …I’m so very very happy for her and her new mom Carol  .”

Since then, the kitty became the love of new new mom’s life. Carol believes this cat is an old soul and deserves the life of a goddess from now on and who would disagree?

“Here she is very absorbed in bird TV LOL…From living on the streets to being the Queen that she is,” Anni shared.

After a life of hardships, she is doing wonderful and holds a special place in the hearts of her rescuers forever.



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