Husky Befriends A Homeless Man And Changes His Life (ViDeo)

This sweet husky opened her heart to a man living on the streets of Paris and changed the course of his life.

The man named Bruno was homeless and living in a sidewalk tent. But that didn’t stop this husky named Sora from becoming his best friend.

Each morning, Sora started her day by racing to Bruno and showering him with love. Bruno loved her back, hugging her tight, and looking forward to her visits.

Their happiness at seeing each other is obvious and Sora can find Bruno from hundreds of feet away. She’ll then run to his side where the two of them will greet each other wrestling and playing.

And, if Bruno isn’t at his tent, Sora likes to wait for him to return by sitting in front of it. Sora doesn’t care what her friend has or that he is homeless, she just loves him for who he is and sees something special in him.

Bruno is also very kind to Sora. Her owner has also become friends with him and has been able to help him with money or food, which makes them both so happy. But soon all of that would change in an amazing way.

It happened one day when a video of Sora and Bruno was shared on TikTok and got a lot of views. From there social services got involved but it turned out to be the best thing to happen to Bruno in a long time.

Being an immigrant, Bruno didn’t have identification and had little chance of getting a job. So, they found him a place to stay and helped him get his identification and immigration papers so that he could be official.

From there, a GoFundMe was launched by Sora’s owner and many people stepped up to help. That seed money would help Bruno get on his feet and find a place of his own. All of this happened because Bruno and Sora became friends and a man with a kind heart didn’t turn away.

Bruno is no longer living on the streets so now he meets up with Sora each Friday. A lot has changed for Bruno but the one thing that hasn’t changed is the love between Bruno and Sora. The two are still friends and it seems like they always will be.