Majestic Display: Elephant Herd Exhibits Remarkable Strength in Traditional Annual Pumpkin Squashing Event

The Portland, Oregon Zoo’s elephant herd recently participated in their annual tradition known as the “Squishing of the Squash,” where they demonstrated their incredible power by effortlessly smashing giant pumpkins with their robust legs.

The event marked autumn’s arrival, and the Oregon Zoo’s resident elephants had a blast as they received the enormous pumpkins from their caretakers.



Although this cherished fall tradition at the Oregon Zoo couldn’t be opened to the public this year due to necessary physical distancing measures, the elephants remained unfazed, solely focused on the feast before them.



Witnessing the elephant herd crush the pumpkins was a sight as they reduced the fruit to pulpy goodness with their impressive strength, relishing the treat at their own leisurely pace.



Observers and caretakers marveled at the cracks and crunches that echoed through the air as the elephants stomped and smashed the sweet pumpkins, thoroughly enjoying the edible rewards.

These donations of pumpkins from local farmers have long been a part of the zoo’s efforts to enhance the well-being of their animals, providing stimulating activities that help them adapt to their challenging environment.



During the lively pumpkin squishing event, one elephant in the herd got so close to the fruit that its trunk even turned orange—a vibrant testament to their engagement in the activity.



The elephants showcased their remarkable strength, swiftly demolishing these massive pumpkins and leaving no doubt about who ruled the squash-smashing realm.




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