If you’re a sucker for both puppies and unicorns, then have we got a story for you: Meet Narwhal, aka the Little Magical Furry Unicorn, a puppy with a tail between his eyes. Can we please get a collective “awwwwww” here, folks?

Narwhal is a 10-week-old puppy who, along with his possible father, Papa Smurf, was rescued over the weekend by Mac’s Mission, a special-needs rescue in Missouri. The two beautiful pooches (with a collective three tails) were discovered last Saturday, abandoned in the freezing cold.

Besides showing some early stages of frostbite, both dogs appeared to be normal… well, healthy, at least. But there is nothing normal about eye tails — even ones that don’t wag (sorry, folks). Not that Narwhal seems to care, though.

“He doesn’t pay attention to it,” Rochelle Steffen. Founder and Director of Mac’s Mission, tells SYFY WIRE. “He appears to be healthy and unaffected by his little extra tail. He has been x-rayed by our vet and the tail does not appear to be attached to or bothering anything else in his body.”

As such, the rescue’s vet says there is no medical reason at this time to remove the tail, and obviously there’s no cosmetic reason. Heck, Narwhal’s special trait has attracted potential forever homes from around the globe.

“We specialize in special! We take on extreme medical cases and help those who are different. While Narwhal doesn’t have special needs, he’s definitely special!” says Steffen.

All the same, the good folks at Mac’s Mission aren’t immediately putting Narwhal up for adoption, just to be sure he’s 100 percent healthy.

“We had another case last year of a dog with an extra leg, Bumble. When they went in to do the leg removal they found out that he also had two separate urinary systems,” says Steffen. “The vet school in Columbia Missouri did the surgery and he is healthy and happy and adopted into a fantastic family. So we want to be extra cautious until we are certain he is okay.”

(For those not in the know, BOL stands for “bark out loud.”)

So what does the future hold for Narwhal?

“Our wish for every animal is to receive the love and care of their very own forever family, to be loved and cherished,” says Steffen.

That, of course, includes Papa Smurf, who is “happy and healthy and settling in comfortably.”

Here’s hoping they both find loving forever homes soon, full of maximum tail wagging.