Despite being experienced in delivering births to overweight women, this team of doctors must also admit that this is a difficult case.

There have been many foreign newspapers reporting on a woman weighing 272kg giving birth to a baby weighing 18kg. With a huge amount of weight, this baby immediately broke the world record for the past 180 years.

This difficult birth required the mobilization of 13 doctors.

This strange birth was done at King Edward Memorial Hospital, India. To ensure the safety of both the mother and the baby, doctors recommend that the woman should have surgery instead of a natural birth. Performing this difficult birth requires the mobilization of 13 doctors, a number twice as many as normal cases.

Despite many difficulties and some confusion, the doctors succeeded in getting the baby out safely.

The team of doctors in charge of this difficult birth has extensive experience in delivering births to many overweight women . However, the case of the world’s heaviest pregnant woman is the first time they meet. Despite many difficulties and some confusion, the doctors succeeded in getting the baby out safely.

The baby’s incredible weight is partly due to the influence of the mother.

Sharing about this experience, the surgeons initially thought that the heaviest woman in the world was pregnant with twins or triplets. One nurse on the team said: “I really believe there are two or three babies in her belly. But no, it’s a big, strong guy.”  He humorously added, “That boy will have a bright sports career in the future.”

The baby boy’s tremendous weight broke the world’s heaviest newborn record for nearly 180 years.

The reason the baby has such an amazing weight is partly due to the influence of the mother. The weight of this boy is equivalent to the weight of a 6-year-old baby has broken the world’s heaviest newborn record for nearly 180 years. Long before that, in 1839, the record was set by a South African baby who was born with a weight of 17.2kg and grew to a height of more than 2.2m at the age of 18.

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