Pooг truth: A dog is too weak to ɡet up and find food

In December 2023, 17-year-old Elliot Sherin went on a cruise to Jamaica. She had the opportunity to do something that would change someone’s life forever.

That day, Chereen and her father used to ride on the beach. But then the Stray Dog Championship apologizes to those who have been there and can take their eyes off it.

That stray dog ​​was very thin. Until only the leather covering his legs shaking and was about to search to make it up to 3 months

Sherin said: “The dog came right up to us asking for food, but he looked very scared. It wouldn’t let us get close. At the time, I was just thinking how to get it out of there.”

However, she left some food for the dogs. and hurried back to the ship to find a way to continue rescuing it. And then came across the Animal House Jamaica website and contacted them. to rescue the dog she later named Kingston

then will do so which will rescue him and bring him home with the dog. which is impossible to stop watching sees that it is in the database of the program all the time but stick to what parents have to follow Plus

Later, the shelter responded that they could save Kingston if the woman could bring him to the shelter. And they will bring the dog back to health. until ready to travel back home with her in Washington

When parents see their daughter’s intentions They let her take Kingston back to her home. If only she could earn money to pay for her travel expenses herself.

At the end of the trip, everyone wants home to be able to do it, but Sherin’s things to be able to stop.

Because it opened fundraising by asking for help from friends. And she did everything in front of that stray dog.