Reporter Receives Heartwarming Hug from Shelter Dog: Unlikely Duo’s Connection Leads to Adoption

It’s a story about friendship at first sight. The kind that never questions; just is. One that has been around for ages. The friendship between man and dog.

This particular moment took place on a day just like any other. A reporter visited an animal shelter to do a story and wasn’t expecting anything other than that. Suddenly, however, a very special pup approached him. The reporter didn’t have a treat or anything, the dog simply came up to him with the sole purpose of showering him with all of its affection and hugged him.


The reporter didn’t know what to think of it at first. After all, neither of them had seen the other before. But the hug was so heartfelt, he had no choice but to embrace it. The reporter started petting the dog, rewarding it with the same positive vibes he was receiving. It was a mutual exchange of being in the present together. People standing nearby couldn’t resist the powerful connection, so they began recording it.


As the reporter was giving the dog loving pats, it encouraged the neglected animal to hold onto his leg even tighter. When the people who were recording the encounter got closer to get its facial expression, it was clear from the dog’s eyes that it wasn’t going to let the reporter go.


It seemed like the pup was listening to the universe, whispering a secret into its ear: it and the reporter were destined for each other.

They had a connection and simply nobody could deny it. Including the reporter. So, he did the only thing that was appropriate in a situation like this. He adopted the sweet dog, giving it a loving forever home. Luckily for us, the video appeared on the Internet and we got to enjoy the precious new beginning.


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