Sunshine Coast Mom’s extгаoгdіпагу Journey: Natural Birth of Triplet

Many mothers may feel anxious about giving birth to just one child, but when Bianca Robertson discovered she was expecting triplets, she aspired to deliver all of them naturally. “Of course, I was nervous,” she confesses to Essential Baby. “However, as an athlete who has studied movement and the human body, it was a fascinating journey I was eager to embark on.” Bianca learned about her triplet pregnancy at eight weeks, following reproductive therapy to conceive a second child. “I was astounded,” the wellness coach admits. “My hands flew up to cover my lips. The worst concern I had was that the doctor might suggest reducing the number of fetuses.”

Initially, Bianca assumed she was pregnant with twins when a pregnancy test revealed hormone levels far higher than expected just one to two weeks after conception. “I was terribly unwell for six weeks and had to make a quick escape from the doctor’s office. Medication became necessary. It was utterly overwhelming and debilitating.” Bianca shared the news with her husband, Pete. ” ‘Oh my gosh,’ he exclaimed. ‘Then I’d better get back to work.’ He couldn’t say anything for 48 hours. ‘I’m just digesting things,’ he said.” At 10 weeks, the doctor raised the possibility of terminating the pregnancy.

They present an astonishing and alarming bar graph, displaying various hazards, including a threefold increase in the rates of physical and mental disabilities, as well as the distressing statistic of 140 infant deaths out of every 1000 births. “So, you want me to terminate one right now because it might be one of the 140, but what if it’s one of the 860?” I retorted. The doctor informed Bianca that her body would suffer due to the pregnancy. “I was told I’d need a full-time caregiver starting at 28 weeks, that I’d be confined to my home, and that I’d feel like I’d burst,” she recalls. “Thankfully, none of those things occurred.”

I was fully aware that I’d be willing to make as many concessions and sacrifices as necessary for my children. This would mark the most significant physical accomplishment I could achieve,” Bianca expressed. By the time she reached 30 weeks, she was carrying a 12-pound baby and had grown so large that strangers would stop her in the street. Breathing and movement became nearly impossible at 33 weeks. She was struggling for air and placed on a ventilator, which provided little relief. It was at this point that doctors recommended induction. The birthing room was a hive of activity, with three medical teams, numerous students, and onlookers, all gathering for a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to witness the vaginal birth of triplets.

Biaпca’s waters were Ƅυrst, aпd she was giʋeп aп epidυral to help her cope with the discomfoгt if a haпd had to Ƅe iпserted iпside her. “I had a pretty pleasυraƄle laƄor,” she claimed, eʋeп seпdiпg her hυsƄaпd aпd closest frieпd, who also happeпs to Ƅe her photographer, to the Ƅar for a Ƅit. She was ready to start рᴜѕһіпɡ her first ???? oᴜt after eight hoυrs of laƄor. After 20 miпυtes, the first ???? саme, followed Ƅy a 25-miпυte wait for the followiпg two. Each ???? had growп υp iп its owп sack, with its owп placeпta. Biaпca had elected пot to fiпd oᴜt the geпder of the iпfaпts, which she claimed added to the geпeral excitemeпt iп the room.


Hendrix, the third addition to the family, made his entrance into the world through a challenging breech extraction. Now, at four months old, Bianca continues her nurturing journey with her infants, seamlessly blending breastfeeding and formula supplementation into her daily routine. She alternates between breastfeeding two of them while bottle-feeding the third. “Dealing with their simultaneous nighttime awakenings can be overwhelming and not the most pleasant experience,” she admits. Rather than strictly adhering to a schedule-driven parenting approach, Bianca usually multitasks, managing two of her children at once, occasionally finding moments of respite.

Bianca openly shares her adventures as a mother of four children, all under the age of three, on her Instagram and Facebook profiles. Her posts often strike a chord with many, as numerous individuals comment that they think of her when they’re facing a challenging day.


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