The іпсгedіЬɩe Transformation of an аЬапdoпed and Discarded Dog

Although for many people, having a pet is wonderful -because they know that it will be a faithful companion that will be by their side at all times of their life-, some people definitely do not understand the concept of having a pet, because they treat them with so much indifference and cruelty. that animals end up mistrusting people, becoming aggressive and even killing themselves. And it is that animal abuse is extremely serious and has to stop once and for all, they are also living beings that deserve respect and love.

The case of this little dog was totally terrible; however, with the help of people who are true animal lovers, he has managed to get ahead. Take a look at her transformation…she will be amazed at how much she has fought to live.

This is Oliverio, a dog that was thrown away

Yes, you are reading right, Oliverio was dumped in a black bag on the side of a river in Messina, Italy, to die after a few days.

Luckily he was rescued

Two women who were walking through the place listening to noises and realized that something inside the black bag was moving, so they decided to open it and they were surprised to see that a dog was inside there to change.

Oliverio was in terrible condition

The girls who rescued him gave him the name Oliverio. He was in horrible condition: full of fleas, dehydrated, severely malnourished and tied to his legs with an electric cable.

Oliverio had a great transformation

Shortly after being rescued by these two amazing girls, they called in an Italian dog rescuer named Linda Li, who later helped them provide Oliverio with a temporary home as well as take him to the vet for a full recovery.

Now Oliver lives a happy life

He was adopted by a woman named Dominique Mastrolanni, who gave him all the love and care he needed to live a happy life.

In addition, Oliverio walked again!