The dog became paralyzed, after a car һіt it and left it on the side of the road

A dog named Georgi became paralyzed after being hit by a car, and the driver left the scene. The poor dog was deeply traumatized as it could no longer move its hind legs. It remained motionless in the middle of the road for several hours, in pain and fear. Concerned passersby saw it and called a rescue team to help

When Georgie found a little bit of courage and began dragging himself down the street, Animal Aid arrived to help him. At the clinic, the vet discovered that Georgie had suffered a serious injury to his spine. He was paralyzed by the injuries, and there was little hope that he would walk again. But his rescuers didn’t give up. They put him in the hands of a skilled physical therapist, who worked with Georgie diligently every day. To everyone’s amazement, this wonderful person brought about a change where medicine and drugs had failed to aid in his recovery.

Georgie slowly but surely began to recover. He felt that he could use his legs again as he tried to maintain his balance. After months of exhausting therapy, Georgie did the impossible – he started walking again. Today, he still limps a little, but he’s an independent and happy dog in every way! Sincere thanks to his rescuers and therapist who didn’t give up!

In the following video, you can see how Georgie was rescued and how he started to recover slowly but surely.