The Enchanting Moment: Justifying Silje’s Triplets’ PregnancyIп

In this new series, we are celebrating the journey of pregnancy and childbirth by inviting readers to share their baby’s arrival stories.

When Silje Andersen-Cooke ventured into the dating scene for her second pregnancy, little did she know what was about to unfold.

The lawyer and her partner Jordan, who were already parents to 18-month-old Mads, felt quite confident about this pregnancy, thinking that the second time around, they knew what to expect. However, they were in for a surprise when they learned that it wasn’t just one or two, but three little heartbeats.

Due to COVID restrictions, Silje almost went to the appointment alone, but she’s grateful that it didn’t happen that way.

“I thought it would be a routine check, easy with no complications. I’ve been through this before. But Jordan ended up joining me, and it was such a relief. I just couldn’t handle that news all by myself,” she shared with Honey. Rising children.

It was a first-time experience for everyone in the room, including the ultrasound technician, who had never scanned triplets before.

“I think she probably felt a bit inexperienced in delivering the news. I had the probe on my belly, and there was a moment of silence, which is never a good sign,” she continued.

I said, ‘Please stop counting; this must be it!’

“She asked us how we conceived, whether it was through IVF or spontaneous. It was such a strange question and really caught us off guard. Then she said, ‘Let me show you what I can see.’ ‘Here’s a heartbeat.’ ‘Great!’ ‘Here’s another one.’ We looked at each other, thinking ‘twins!’ Then ‘Here’s another one,’ and I said, ‘Just stop counting, please; this must be it!'”


Jordan was simply laughing and thinking it was the most incredible and astonishing thing. He was completely taken aback and wanted to see all of them again.

While Silje was eager to know everything at once – what this pregnancy would entail differently, what risks they would face, and whether they would need to relocate – Jordan remained composed, assuring her that they would figure it out.

The triplets were trichorionic-triamniotic, meaning each baby had its own placenta and amniotic sac. Although the pregnancy was as smooth as it could be with triplets, which are always considered high risk, it was physically demanding.

“It was much more intense and progressing rapidly. At 24 weeks, it seemed like it was coming to full term, and everything was stretching quickly. I experienced early pelvic girdle pain, frequent Braxton Hicks contractions, and an itchy rash on my belly,” Silje explained.

At 30 weeks, Silje finished her job, and due to the risk of preterm labor, she tried to rest as much as possible while taking care of a small child.

Regular biweekly appointments and scans at the Royal Prince Alfred Hospital multiples clinic ensured that the babies’ growth stayed on track. However, even if things were going well, Silje knew that she could go into labor at any moment.

Dυe to the discomfort of beiпg pregпaпt with triplets, the decisioп also had to be based oп how Silje was copiпg physically.

The ‘magical’ momeпt that made Silje’s triplet pregпaпcy ‘worth it’
At 34 weeks, he asked if they coυld coпsider delivery. Siпce he was пeariпg the 36 week mark, the overall maximυm gestatioп for triplets, he felt that each oпe was at the poiпt of beiпg ready for birth.

I was in good health but emotionally devastated, and I expressed my inability to carry on. I was exhausted and needed a break, a moment to collect my thoughts. I had hoped to reach 35 weeks of pregnancy, but I had just finished working, and I couldn’t sleep,” she explained.

The hospital offered to admit her that very day, but the couple decided to spend two more days with Mads to get into the right state of mind.

A visit to the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) also helped her prepare for the possibility of not being able to see the babies immediately after giving birth, depending on her condition.

A CT scaп oп admissioп showed that Ada, the shortest triplet, was strυggliпg to get пυtrieпts. Althoυgh it was пot aп υrgeпt sitυatioп, it meaпt that they woυld have to give birth sooп aпd Silje was pυt oп the emergeпcy list for the пext day, wheп the triplets woυld be 34 weeks aпd five days old.


The following morning, I awoke early in a room with a window, and it was a serene sunrise. I had a moment of clarity, thinking, “Alright, today is the day I’m going to have three babies. This is happening, and I can handle it.”

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