The Enormous UFO: Declassified Secrets гeⱱeаɩed by the FBI

Declassified on July 8, 1947, by the FBI archives, US Document Memorandum 6751 confirmed the existence of extraterrestrial life. This memo is recognized as a pivotal contribution to the field of ufology and is featured prominently in “The Extra-Dimensionals: True Tales and Concepts of Alien Visitors,” a book penned by the former FBI agent John DeSouza.

In the book, it is noted that the memorandum contains a caution about a potential crisis related to flying saucers, which could lead to public panic and erode trust in extraterrestrial beings.

The author of the text also asserts that the operation of flying saucers includes both remotely controlled and manned discs. Furthermore, the book emphasizes that while these UFOs have a benevolent mission, they possess defensive capabilities against human weaponry, showcasing various means of protection.

As per the account, travelers are humanoid beings of considerable size who travel in disc-shaped “craft” powered by radiant energy or lightning, capable of swiftly eliminating any potential threat.

An unidentified professor suggests that these aliens possess the ability to seamlessly merge with the ethereal realm and disappear from human perception due to their unmatched agility.

While much of the information in this text is notably detailed, there are some inconsistencies worth noting. To begin, the author’s identity remains undisclosed, despite their claims of an extensive list of qualifications and their alleged leadership of a university department. Additionally, it’s important to emphasize that the FBI was responsible for creating the document, not an external entity.

In contrast to earlier Roswell accounts, this file discusses the existence of “living entities considerably larger than humans.” These entities are purportedly capable of inhabiting distinct dimensions or realms.

Regrettably, the article’s author never provided an explanation for the data collection process, leaving a veil of uncertainty over the content of Memorandum 6751 from that point onward.

Unfortunately, the remaining 66 pages of this document remain inaccessible. However, a news portal, Film Daily, recently reported an intriguing revelation, though it lacks official documentation.

Reportedly, a decade ago, the FBI declassified a 70-page document and archived it within The Vault. The publication claimed that this data was declassified in 2010. While entities like NASA and other space agencies have hesitated to consider anomalies or artificial structures encountered in space exploration as potentially of extraterrestrial origin, renowned astronomer Avi Loeb holds a dissenting view. He contends that scientific inquiry should not be swayed by social stigmas or cultural biases that hinder impartial empirical research.


Hence, Loeb champions the utilization of innovative telescopes, both in the literal and metaphorical sense, to delve into the prospect of extraterrestrial existence. He currently spearheads the Galileo project, a venture dedicated to enhancing the capabilities of existing telescopes in the quest for clues regarding extraterrestrial life.


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