Unexplained UFO Sighting Over Colorado Leaves Experts Puzzled: Delving into eагtһ’s mуѕteгіeѕ (VIDEO

The individual reporting, identified as “Ronald” to protect their confidentiality, lives in Colorado Springs, El Paso, Colorado, USA. Ronald recently submitted an image to MUFON. The event in question took place on July 18, 2017, around 3 PM, as indicated in the report.


The MUFON case number is 87883, and you can access the testimony here. An essential detail to note is that the witness did not observe the object with the naked eye before or during the photo’s capture. Instead, they noticed the “anomaly” during a later review of the images.

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Below is the original testimony submitted to MUFON:




It appeared to be white or gray, with lights emanating from the front bottom and something hanging down from it.

I was in my living room, gazing at Pikes Peak, observing the rain approaching over the mountains. I was going through my pictures when I noticed it. As I zoomed in, I recognized what it was. It had a round shape with something suspended from it. It was quite thrilling to witness. After taking the picture, I stepped away from the window.

Traducimos el testimonio al español:


It appeared to be a white or gray object with lights emanating from the front bottom and something dangling.

I was at home, gazing at Pikes Peak as rain approached from the mountains. As I reviewed my photos, I made a discovery. Upon closer examination, I recognized it for what it was. It had a round shape with an appendage hanging from it. The sight was thrilling, and after capturing the photo, I stepped away from the window.

The witness sent four images to MUFON, but there are only two unique images since they duplicated the shipment. In one image, you can see the landscape with mountains in the background and heavy rain, but the anomaly is not visible. In the other image, the anomaly is clearly present, but there’s a difference from the first one; this image was taken behind glass, which raises suspicions.

In previous cases, we’ve encountered similar instances where reflections on glass or windows created “ostentatious UFOs” reminiscent of a Steven Spielberg movie.

Given this context, although we can’t confirm it with 100% certainty, we suggest that the anomaly in image 2 might be a reflection, possibly the reflection of the device used to take the image. The “monstrous tentacles” resembling alien machinery from the movie “War of the Worlds” could potentially be part of the camera or webcam’s wiring.

We’ve also noticed what appears to be a “reflected” box, and we have a vague notion that it could be a projector. What are your thoughts on this?

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We’ve developed a concept for how this entire scenario might have been orchestrated. It could have involved the use of a projector or possibly relied on the reflection of an object resembling an alien spacecraft, approaching us with its tentacles and siphoning our blood. In either case, it strongly suggests a HOAX. While we don’t want to come across as a well-known debunking website that dismisses claims of extraterrestrial encounters, this time, we have to acknowledge a high likelihood of this being a deliberate deception. However, this doesn’t diminish the significance of other unexplained cases that remain unsolved to this day.



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