Unleash the Fast: Captivating footage captures ferocious lion quickly taking down wildebeest in less than 60 seconds

This is the dramatic moment a ferocious lion killed a wildebeest in less than a minute after a brutal battle on an African plain.

The whole clash was captured on camera and shows the lion waiting patiently for the injured wildebeest before pouncing on its hapless victim.

The two animals can then be seen tussling with each other before the big cat grabs the wildebeest by the neck and pulls it to the ground, where it is unable to recover.

Crouching down on the African plain, a lion waits patiently for a group of wildebeest to pass by as he eyes up his prey

The lion, who has been waiting patiently, sees the injured wildebeest and prepares to launch an attack on its unsuspecting victim

The two animals begin to face-off before the lion makes his move and jumps on top of the wildebeest, who struggles to get away from the big cat


The wildebeest is struck by a massive blow to the head by the lion’s powerful front paw as he attempts to take down his prey

And just 60 seconds after the fight began the wildebeest is left for dead after it struggles to break free from the lion’s grip and gives up its fight.

The action was shot in the Maasai Mara in Kenya by photographer, Aditya Singh, who lives in Rajasthan, India.

The 48-year-old said: ‘One morning, soon after we left our camp, we spotted two young male lions, brothers, at a distance.

Just seconds later, the lion uses his powerful front paw to deliver the first blow to the wildebeest’s head and knocking the creature to the ground

The battle between the animals was caught on camera by Indian photographer Aditya Singh, who was visiting the Masai Mara in Kenya

Photographer Mr Singh said: ‘Before the wildebeest could recover, the lion grabbed the wildebeest by the neck and it was all over’

The lion then wraps his front legs around the wildebeest’s neck in a headlock, pulling the animal to the ground by its neck

‘While we were waiting by the lions we saw an injured wildebeest limping towards the lions, unaware of their presence.

‘Both the lions crouched down, ready to charge, while the wildebeest kept coming towards them.

‘When the wildebeest was within striking distance, one of the lions pounced on the hapless wildebeest.

The lion wraps his sharp claws around the wildebeest’s horns and neck, with the victim trying to escape from his clutches

The lion continues to grip the wildebeest’s neck, who is unable to break free and 60 seconds after the battle begins, the wildebeest is killed

Mr Singh says that for 20 seconds the wildebeest tried to break free from the lion but as he was unable to escape from his grip, he gave up

The battle lasts just 60 seconds with the injured wildebeest eventually giving up trying to break free and becoming a victim of the lion

‘The lion delivered one blow from his powerful front paw and before the wildebeest could recover, the lion grabbed the wildebeest by the neck and it was all over.

‘In less than two seconds the lion had a death grip on the wildebeests neck and was pulling the prey to the ground.

‘For the next 20 seconds the wildebeest tried to break free and then gave up.’

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