VIDEO: Lonely Puppy Gets The Sweetest Welcome From All The Rescues At The Shelter

Recently, this little puppy named Osito found himself without a friend in the world. His family had decided they didn’t want him anymore.

But thankfully, Osito wasn’t lonely for long.

Learning of Osito’s situation, Felicia Quispe Arana decided to take him in. Arana runs Colitas Sin Techo, a shelter for homeless dogs in Cusco, Peru. At first, she wasn’t sure how Osito would be received by the other residents.

“There are no puppies at our shelter. All the dogs are big and most of them are adults,” Arana told The Dodo. “I didn’t know how they’d react to Osito when they met him.”

The puppy, who’d been nervous at first in the new place, couldn’t have been greeted more sweetly — and that made all the difference.

“At first, Osito was intimidated by the sight of so many large dogs,” Arana said. “[After meeting the other dogs], he felt comfortable and walked around with great confidence.”

The lonely puppy quickly made many new friends. But it didn’t take long before he got something he needed even more.

Osito soon found a home to call his very own.

“[We were] able to find a person who ended up adopting him,” Arana said. “Now he has a family, and I hope he has a long life and is happy.”

And with any luck, the puppy’s new friends he made at the shelter will all soon find the same.