“26 Creative Front Yard River Rock Landscaping Ideas to Enhance Your Curb Appeal”

River Rock Landscaping Ideas

1. Rocky Walkway by the Succulent Belt


2. Mosaic River Rock Foot Print

3. Dry River Feature in the Rocky Yard

4. Contemporary Zen Garden Feature

5. Patch of Rocky Bed and Groundcovers along the Borders

6. Dry River Gravel Bed  Running Below a Pallet Bridge

7. Rocky Walkway, Gravel Bed, and Blooming Groundcovers!

8. A Rocky Bed by the Shrubby Garden Corner

9. Rocky River Bed Edging

10. Modern-Day Stony Pavement for the Front Yard

11. Artificial River Bed Feature with Blue Stones

12. River Rock Pathway Bordered with Pretty Blooms

13. Alpine Garden Landscape with Desert Plants

14. Rocky Driveway Edging


15. Limestone and Cobblestone Chipping in the Yard

16. Cactus Bed on Spiral Desert Landscaping

17. Contemporary Landscaping with White Pebbles and Boxwood

18. Butterfly Rock Feature on Shredded Wood Mulching

19. Succulents on Limestone and Gravel Chipping

20. Gravel and Lava Rock Paving with an Artificial Pond Feature

21. Coastal Landscaping with River Rocks and Chalk Paving

22. Pea Pebble Bed with Clumping Plants

23. River Rock Walkway in the Entrance

24. Front-Yard Spilled Pot Feature with Red Stone Landscaping

25. Spiral Rock Garden

26. River Rock Bed for Tall Trees in the Yard