Soft and delicate: Show off your elegance with 36 gorgeous pastel nail designs

If you have visited our site today looking for new nail art products, you have come to the right place, because we have a lot of great solutions to transform your nails.

Fashionable pastel nails 2020-2021, which appeal to tenderness, sophistication, fragile and sophisticated designs, have found their place among the critics.

Pastel manicure is considered a must-have for the spring-summer period, when pretty pastel nails make you fall in love with simmering shades of mint, lemon, lilac, paradise, tea rose, etc.

Pastel patterns include pastel manicure in the shade of baked milk, beige modifications, which harmoniously combine with other delicate palettes in a stylish design.

Fortunately, pastel manicure 2020-2021 is universal, because pastel nails can be made in the form of an almond-shaped oval, as well as a soft square-shaped nail plate. Therefore, as you can understand, the choice of ideas is limitless.

Since spring and summer are a wonderful season, full of freshness, lightness and freshness, pastel manicure 2020-2021 will undoubtedly be useful to you, because you can add onions of any style and color to it.

If you like natural tones, pastel nails 2020-2021 are just models, with tenderness and a wonderful look, full of sensuality and filigree.

I would like to note that pastel manicure is very good in combination with dark and bright color spectra, which make it possible to make fantastic variations of nail design in innovative solutions.

Regardless of your age and pursuits, pastel nails will fit perfectly into all your bows due to their exceptional bustle, sophistication and sophistication.

If we talk about the length of the nails, of course, a filigree pastel manicure is most successful on medium nails, although a good master can also make short and long pastel nails, and even neat shapes.

To introduce you the best pastel nail design in seasonal variations, we decided to show you the most skillful pastel nails in 2020-2021 novelty, depicting the main trends of flimsy nail design.

Playful pastel ombre and colorful pastel shades

It is not for nothing that we decided to proceed precisely from the shaded and multi-colored variations, because a pastel manicure with gradient effects and multi-colored transitions looks very conceptual and successful.

Such a pastel nail design 2020-2021 is perfect in combination with printed nails relevant for you, as well as matte pastel color solutions in ombre style.

Multi-colored pastel nails can be done using such types of patterns as spots, stripes, brushstrokes, rainbow transitions that will please you and cheer you up.

Pastel nails with laconic and abstract patterns

If you want to get a fashionable pastel manicure in a universal way, feel free to choose geometric patterns and abstract techniques.

This format can be implemented using a pastel nail design 2020-2021, combined with a favorite pastel shade, as well as complex curly and abstract elements, frames, lines, intersections .

Expressive pastel nails, new geometry and abstraction, this is an opportunity to hold you back, but very interesting.

Pastel Nail Design Spider Web and Dot Patterns

Undoubtedly, in every sense of the word, trend can be defined as pastel nails with original techniques that did not appear in nail design recently, but have already managed to gain their relevant audience among many admirers.

This is the original pastel manicure 2020-2021 with a complex cobweb in all sorts of intersections, horizontal, vertical, chaotic, diagonal solution.

Also, matte and shiny pastel nails with white dotted dots will interest many people, which can be arranged in the form of a hole, both abstractly and linearly.

Polka-dot pastel manicure is also represented by the quail egg technique, which often plays with contrasts.

Unique pastel nails with designs in the best techniques of the season

Fabulously beautiful pastel manicure with an unusual ornament

Pastel nails and sparkly design details

Pastel on the nails 2020-2021. How to transform spring-summer nails