21 Creative Flowerpot Ideas for Your Garden on a Shoestring Budget

It’s really hard to find aesthetically appealing garden pots without having to spend a lot of money. That’s why we’ve put together 10 great ideas for creative flower pots for your garden to make with not much. The garden is not just about lawns and flower beds. It is nice to spice it up and add color by planting seasonal flowers. However, there are a number of ordinary plastic pots on the market, as well as more expensive terracotta and wooden versions. So we decided to collect 10 beautiful ideas for creative garden pots in this article.

Using a trunk section to make a garden pot is certainly one of the most beautiful solutions. You need to have a bit of manual skill to use a chainsaw and woodworking tools, or you can hire an expert. This can be a great way to reuse the trunk of a tree that you had to cut down in your garden, for example.


This outdoor pot, which looks like a basket, is easy to make for a more experienced DIYer. It has an octagonal cross-section and is made from skinned and sanded trunk sections.

Une vieille bassine est devenue un splendide pot de jardin. De même, on peut utiliser de vieilles casseroles et poêles, que l’on trouve facilement dans les brocantes.

Si le bricolage est votre passion et que vous aimez travailler le bois, alors vous pouvez vous pousser à fabriquer cette jolie jardinière à partir d’une section de rondin. Le tronc a été écorché et évidé pour fabriquer cette jardinière unique.

Another way to create space for planting flowers is to make a terracotta brick border. In this case, the pot was made in a circular shape, but it can also be made in other shapes, such as square or rectangular, depending on the shape of your garden.

This creative idea is a real example of recycling to plant the flowers in the garden. The vase was made from an old car tire, which was placed on top of the trunk of a felled tree. A truly original way to recycle and reuse.

Of all the pots we’ve seen so far, this is perhaps the most rustic. Made from wooden slats, it creates an ideal space in the garden for planting colorful flowers.

In addition to being used as a stand, the barrel can also be reused as a garden pot. Below is an example.

Wooden crates can become real potted plants for the garden. The photo shows a brand new box, but if you like recycling, you can use a plain wooden crate and paint it to your liking.


The latest creative garden pot idea is this raised barrel. Placed in the middle of the garden, it becomes a burst of color thanks to these colorful flowers.