33 wheelbarrow planter ideas for your garden

Add a wheelbarrow planter to your garden and create an old-fashioned look for your garden and home.

Did you know that any old wheelbarrow can become a spectacular new planter for your garden? With a little effort and style, you can create your own unique design!

Old and disused gardening equipment is a great addition to the garden itself. For a whimsical and easy-to-plant landscaping idea, you can wheel an old wheelbarrow into any open space in the garden and plant a beautiful collection of flowers there.

The portable nature of this type of planter means you can relocate it for special occasions like garden parties, or simply change the focal point of your garden on a whim. With a wide base providing plenty of planting space, you can easily rearrange the look of your garden once the centerpiece is on wheels!

One trick is to cover the metal containers of the wheelbarrow with heavy-duty plastic. This will prevent it from further degrading and rusting into the ground. If you notice any holes, pull the plastic and cut it to allow for drainage. Once you’ve filled the wheelbarrow with soil, let your imagination run wild to come up with planting ideas!

Rustic wheelbarrow for succulents

wheelbarrow planter 07

Here we have a wheelbarrow filled with succulents, left plenty of room for growth. With the dusty surroundings and the rustic, well-used wheelbarrow, this desert setting looks right out of place.

Bright yellow plant wheelbarrow

wheelbarrow planter 05

Using a new, colorful wheelbarrow with a plastic bin, this setup involves a large planter box, plus room around the edges for tools. This idea allows the wheelbarrow to remain usable and the flowers to be transported.

A wheelbarrow bin for vertical options

wheelbarrow planter 06

This idea features another new wheelbarrow, with a subtle gray plastic container. The flowers are tightly packed for a uniform appearance.

A bright mini-wheelbarrow for small flowers

Here is another brightly colored wheelbarrow. The yellow paint helps it stand out and holds subtle greenery.

A gnome hideout for a fun garden

wheelbarrow planter 03

This modern aluminum wheelbarrow sits elegantly on a tiled path by the lawn, filled with thick greenery and purple flowers, with a little gnome sticking out of it.

Wheelbarrow overflowing with long hanging plants

wheelbarrow planter 02

This rusty old wheelbarrow is the perfect example of reusing old gardening equipment as completely as possible. A heady mix of colors pours down either side, blooming above the vessel.

A rustic wheelbarrow for a large lawn

wheelbarrow planter 01

Here’s another rusty wheelbarrow, with worn wooden handles that complement its lush green surroundings. Brightly colored pink and orange flowers spring from the tank in contrast.

Green and Yellow Rusty Wheelbarrow Planter

wheelbarrow planter 10

This wheelbarrow holds a green bin on an elegant rusty frame, placed against a fence. Large succulents fit the space, sticking out the high ledge like a small forest.

A shallow wheelbarrow for colorful flowers

wheelbarrow planter 11

This very old wheelbarrow even has a metal wheel without tread! Blending together with the ground, it is filled with vibrant flowers and lush greenery, spilling over the grass.

A wheelbarrow in shades of yellow to brighten up your garden

wheelbarrow planter 12

Here’s another old-fashioned wheelbarrow with a metal wheel and a completely rusted frame. Bright yellow daffodils are arranged in a large wicker tub, while other flowers hold the entire wheelbarrow.

A bright and colorful wheelbarrow planter.

wheelbarrow planter 13

This colorful old-fashioned model is freshly painted in red and yellow and hosts rows of multicolored pansies.

White flowers spilling out of a green wheelbarrow

wheelbarrow planter 15

This green-painted wheelbarrow is almost stealthy, blending into its grassy surroundings. Buried under a shower of hanging white flowers, it is the perfect addition to this garden.

Wooden wheelbarrow planter with pansies

wheelbarrow wooden 01

Here is another old-fashioned wheelbarrow, built entirely of wood! This model is perfect for those wishing to stain the wood for a rich look in the garden. The purple and pink flowers stand out in contrast above.

Wheelbarrow overflowing with annuals and perennials

fairegarden wheelbarrow 01

This wheelbarrow is deep enough to hold the soil of dozens of individual flowers, full of greenery and a rainbow of colors. Placed in a thick garden, it fits perfectly.

Wheels, spokes and plants with white flowers

yardshare wheelbarrow 01

A shallow wheelbarrow full of pansies.

gardeninacity wheelbarrow 01

Old planter for a porch or a pagoda

vintagediana wheelbarrow 01

Ornamental Wooden Marigold Planter

LunaPic Editcf95b565353773eb8a0cdc06fdee1195 | Fall container gardens,  Garden containers, Wheelbarrow planter

Here’s another adorable modern wooden wheelbarrow, this time with a traditional fashion black metal wheel. The miniature design is perfect for a small set of flowers, including marigolds, to bloom in peace.