“7 Indoor Plants to Beat the Winter Blues and Brighten Your Home”

A long winter! It’s frigid, dark, and can sometimes cause you some winter blues. Sometimes winter isn’t fun for anyone, especially your gardens. However, we have a cure for that! In this post today, we have provided a list of our favorite 7 indoor plants to help you beat the winter blues. Using plants to freshen up your house is a boost for anyone’s mood. Just their presence in the house can turn up your happiness level. So, let’s check them out with us.

Because of their many benefits for the mind and body, houseplants are a great way to get through the boring days of winter. From filtering the air and increasing oxygen levels to boosting healing and increasing focus, these humble organisms are some very hardworking allies. The benefits of houseplants are really pretty amazing. With all of this in mind, it’s officially time to add some houseplants to the prescription list for winter blues. Start growing them in your house right now.

#1 Spider Plant

Spider Plant has been proven to help surgery patients recover. The researchers found that patients with houseplants had lower systolic blood pressure, and lower ratings of pain, anxiety, and fatigue as compared to patients without plants in their rooms. Meanwhile, in their famous study of houseplants, NASA concluded: “Both plant leaves and roots are utilized in removing trace levels of toxic vapors from inside tightly sealed buildings. Low levels of chemicals such as carbon monoxide and formaldehyde can be removed from indoor environments by plant leaves alone.”

#2 Monstera Deliciosa

#3 Air Plants

Air Plants is one of the best choices for the person who is too busy to tend to green things, plants from the Tillandsia genus are fascinating wee creatures that don’t need soil and don’t make a lot of demands. And they are so cute and enchanting, I know that whenever I muse on mine, my spirits are always lifted.

#4 Chinese Money Plant

#5 Aloe Vera

Sap from the ever-healing aloe vera plant can actually be used topically as a really great, all-natural lotion of sorts. There is something delightful about a summery-looking succulent providing moisture to a winter-parched human.

#6 Jade Plant

#7 Fern


Ferns as a great option in our selection of shower plants that want to live in your house. They are especially well-suited for winter moods because they are just so lush and gorgeous and they bring the woods inside when it’s too cold to go out.